Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The Barsapine Heresy - Part 1

 As the mission began the acolytes found themselves in a combat drop with a unit of guardsmen on route of a noble mansion on Scintilla. The drop was short and bloody with the acolytes engaged in combat from the moment their boots hit the floor. They progressed through the estate being fed snippets of the battle by Captain Scipio.
He directed them to the menagerie of Bulagor Thrungg. They confronted the minion of Ghast and found he had bound himself to a part of a daemon. The battle between the team and the monster was short and bloody but the acolytes left victorious, with the hand of a powerful daemon, the Dei-Phage. After watching the mansion house burn and Thrungg’s minions along with it, the acolytes searched the compound, in a hidden basement of the derelict chapel they found a cache of exotic weaponry and heretical documents.  The information there led them to the once great shrine world of Barsapine.
Upon arrival on Barsapine they were met at the great Gilded Cathedral by Abbot Jurutas. The man seemed helpful and showed them around the holy place and allowed them to research the Dei-Phage in the comprehensive library boasted by Jurutas.
It took many months but at last they found a clue, the gilded cathedrals sister, the Haematite Cathedral. Empty for thousands of years archaeologists had been searching in the once great temple, had they uncovered the Dei-Phage. All through the campaign the acolytes were plagued by ghostly images and ethereal feathers, it was in the gilded cathedral where they really began to play on Attelus’ mind.
They travelled to the Haematite structure, and began to investigate. The amount of unquiet dead seemed to affect Lucien yet he managed to maintain himself long enough to quiet those they encountered. After hours of fruitless searches finally they found a clue, a blueprint in a small office showed a hidden passage in the Skulleria. Down the dark passage they went ghostly sounds and apparitions plaguing them as they went. Below they discovered the mutilated bodies of several men stitched together. With a laugh and the grind of stone a pit of more dead opened and a ghostly apparition appeared. Another short bloody fight later and the acolytes had in their position part of a cog key.

They found 3 more ghostly apportions, one in a long dead garden who sent the psykers in the group to their knees, one in position of a complex set of apparatus they debated back to the grave and a sister, who’s ghastly meal nearly proved fatal for all the acolytes. All had ties to Ghast, yet all had been dead for nearly 10,000 years, setting the acolytes minds racing about their long-time foe.
All the while the feathers plagued them and eerie laughs filled the air. Many were haunted by a robed figure with black, bloodied wings, seemingly rotting. Attelus had the worst of it, as his own powers seemed to fight him every step of the way.

With all four fragments of the key they advanced to a door hidden in an ominously ticking clock.


  1. I notice you failed to mention Atellus destroying a crazy person with a door, easily kill of the mission.

  2. was going to mention best bits in the next part, but it was epic :P