Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Magnolia - Part 2

File extract//554921//inq.ref.Magnolia//encrypted//OC//via astropath 8873921//

next next day after collating our information from the club and the data slates from the warehouse we found the address of a local pit fighter linked with mysterious robed figured who were frequenting the area.

We moved to investigate, with caution we approached the hab. I knocked on the door and began talking to the clearly startled occupant under the assumed identity of my cover I.D. Unfortunately a slip of the tongue from Lyra turned what was starting to be a useful line of enquiry into a person on interest fleeing from the justice of the inquisition. I ordered Silon to open the door once it was clear the man had decided to resist us.
A booby trap, subdued Silon and the suspect evaded Kallos, Mann and my own psychic restraints. He ran from the scene with the acolyte sin hot pursuit. I opted to head him off at the hab entrance, leaping from the window while Lyra and Hector tried to use non lethal force to incapacitate him.
I was informed that both acolytes targeted the suspects leg, leaving him off balance before he fell to his death. we attempted to keep him alive to interrogate but alas he had expired.

A search of his hab led to more information. including the location of a meeting of the cult, in a warehouse district. I decided to allow the acolytes to recon the area that night while I looked through the information for more clues on the nature of the cult. We discovered the warehouse was unregistered and that the nearby warehouses were empty. I used my personal funds to purchase neighbouring warehouse as a plan took shape.

The acolytes and Lucien were instrumental in recruiting local gangs and devotees of the emperor to assist in the plan. I decided to wait until the meeting was in progress before blowing the wall between the warehouses. Lyra volunteered to lead the remnants (those left alive by Lucien) in a distraction.

The plan went well, on our end with the wall being taken out and the vile cultists suprised as we began to end their worthless lives. Lyra's group fare less well as he distraction did little more than allow them to gain a firing position at the front of the warehouse.

The combat its self is a little hazy, as the whole affair was over in less than a minute. Kallos conducted himself well with his rifle, Mann, Lucien and "87" conducted them selves well in the melee. Silon performed well but the drugs currently fuelling his performance make him a little difficult to control.

*Personal log extract*//CorvusCorvus//554921.008// - Rarely do I feel the negative effect of my powers, but what occurred in the warehouse scared me to my core.  felt useless and were it not for the effects of the serum I took from the cultist I would be dead now. I cannot allow this to happen again.

The warehouse was cleansed, by the party with assistance from the "Fidelitas Corvus". My only regret about the mission was not fully discovering the nature of the cult, but I will continue to read through the files we took from the scene until I know the true nature of this uprising.

Transmission End//554921//inq.ref.Magnolia//encrypted//OC//via astropath 8873921//


  1. I not **TWITCHES** difficult to **GROWLS** control sir ... Just point **EYES GLAZE OVER** me in the direction **FROTHS AT MOUTH** of ... ARRGHHHH!!!


    I do appolagise about nearly slicing down those three innocent by standers ... but if they were there, they couldnt of been that innocent could they?

    1. You make a good point about their level of innocence...Lucien killed several unarmed cultists by shooting them in the back while they were running away and executed a random security guard because he couldn't be bothered to make up an excuse for being where he was and he didn't even have 'drug fuelled psychosis' as an excuse...

    2. Lucien just a bad ass mother f**ker
      Has SERIOUS issues - most likely from childhood