Monday, 9 January 2012

Iocanthos Introduction

Directly after the de-brief on Coscarla

Sand hands Ophelia a dossier, she examines the cover and visibly stiffens. She flicks through the information and glares at Sand.
"is he serous Abraham?"
"Have you known him to make a joke before?" Sand moves to a draw, removes and lights a Lho Stick and hands it to Crow. "If you succeed he will rendezvous with you on Gallant"
Crow accepts the stick, takes a drag "He..., very well." she walks to the door, "You will meet me back on the ship, I must attend to some things." She turns back gesturing with the Lho stick, a soulful look in her eyes, "Thank you Abraham."

Aboard the "Hubris of Mankind"

Crow gathers you in the mess hall of deck 13, "We will be heading to Iocanthos, at Inquisitor Wroth's personal behest, "She lights a Lho stick, making no eye contact with any of the party, "another team assigned to Interrogator Vittel, were sent to the planet to monitor and 'adjust' the political situation while the Ghostfire pollen tithe is collected."

She pauses, "Shiv a drink if you would," turning to the hiver, "Their mission was three fold; investigate possibilities of cult hidden in the feudal society, manipulate the warbands to the inquisitorial ideal and finally cement that ideal for the next harvest."

"You each have a dossier on the planet and the nature of the Ghostfire, Wroth would like the Inquisition to control the majority of the substance for a project above your clearance. However this necessitates a change in the power structure of the planet"

Crow stubs out the butt of her Lho stick and drains the rest of her drink, "I do not know the nature of Vittel's failure, but," She pauses and swallows, "she would not fail a mission for circumstances less than death."

"We will ship out immediately." With that she leaves the room.


  1. "The last Acolytes sent on this mission are most likely all dead" is a less than inspiring mission briefing...

  2. ^^lol^^ I believe this is you might die... but you will definately die if you suck... Lets hope someone at least looses a limb :D

    Also is Kallos now our butler?

  3. I think whoever is closest to whatever Crow wants at the time she wants it becomes her butler, lol. I ended up carrying an unconscious body into a ship for her just because it happened to collapse in front of me and it was her who zapped him in the first place.....

  4. So Sand is coming with us on this one then?

  5. Nope he just gave me the briefing. I just needed some one mission one with knowledge I didn't have. There will be many interrogators and lesser Inq etc

  6. Lucien is apparently the only person who actually liked Sand.

    1. he may and probs will crop up again if i run out of ideas