Sunday, 15 January 2012

Iocanthos: Part 2

After an extensive Q&A session the group travelled with interrogator Crow to the port of solitude, where they purchased some ammo and local clothing, but were stumped on how to travel across the planet. Lucky Litila used her unique skill set to acquire an imperial guard salamander.

The group chose to head to the convent of the Dawn to meet up with vai Seth to investigate the military strength of his organisation. The discovered a woefully unprepared yet dedicated army, in desperate need of weapons and training. In time a plan was hatched to track down the rogue trader with the last of the ghostfire pollen, to at least secure financial strength for the group. With Lucien’s unique skill set, it was no problem to gain some leads on the trader.

They missed the trader on his known trail so chose to follow him, unfortunately the salamander was crashed as they discovered the rogue trader's party. Kaltos decided to infiltrate the group to discover some information about the planet and the other gangs, unfortunately he was discovered and things really went wrong when Litila delayed a vital shot. Sister Rhianon (with the squad due to Crow's absense) opened fire and with that the battle was joined. With the guards dead Lyra stepped forward and with a little help from Attelus managed to negotiate the trader supplying arms to "the voice" and the ghost fire to the mechanicum. After raiding the guards for weapons and supplies, the group rendezvoused with “the voice” at the convent where Mann and Litila set about training them.

With “the voice” established the group moved to recon an attack on vevai Skull. However when they arrived they discovered that the two rival warlords, Skull and Hakur were in the process of forging an alliance. Forced into action Litila dropped the two leaders with three near impossible shots. With the death of their charismatic leaders the two bands devolved into roaming bands of mercenaries swiftly mopped up by the voice.

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  1. I'd like to point out that Litila's 'Unique Skill Set' is completely different from Luciens 'Unique Skill Set'.....