Monday, 5 March 2012

Magnolia: Briefing

Type - Imperial World.  
Population - 1.2 Billion.  
Gravity - 1.2 G.  
Temperature - Temperate.  


The planet Magnolia (named for a long since extinct genus of flower from ancient Terra) has a large main Imperial City with a population of approximately 500 million and several smaller cities with populations ranging from a mere several hundred thousand up to larger ones that are close to 10 million in size. It's wealth is provided by a mixture of agriculture (including several large scale ocean harvesting projects), deep mining operations and taxation on the many ships that use the space-ports extensive storage facilities. The main city of Magnolia Primus has several large warehouse districts, an industrial complex, a single Space-port with it's own warehouse complex with most areas linked by a well maintained road system.

Most of the population live on ground level or in mid-sized habitation blocks whereas the richer merchant families live in larger blocks connected to their own landing platforms and warehouse facilities that are themselves for the most part connected to the space-port at the centre of the city that is the primary gateway for the planets wealth and power. The main city has a single Arbite station near the docking facility and the day to day security is ran by enforcers who are based in stations at regular intervals around the city and answer (for the most part) to senior representatives of the planetary authorities. The planetary governor is Lady Castilla Flavia who over the last two centuries has led the planet into a previously unknown level of prosperity and stability due to a mixture of fair minded rule and brutal retaliation against any groups who test the limits of her generosity.

Inquisitorial Addendum. Attribution - Inquisitor Wroth We have received reliable information that a cult dedicated to the overthrow of Imperial rule is attempting to gain a foothold on the planet of Magnolia. Our intelligence indicates that they may be attempting to gain a foothold in the main space-port and are further attempting to gain favour with the local criminal elements in order to utilise their existing networks to establish greater power and control. In order to gain more reliable information I have despatched a directive from one of my own cells to infiltrate this cult and ascertain their levels of influence.  

Additional. Sent By - Inquisitor Wroth Recipient - Interrogator Crow Ophelia, One of my operatives from cell 118 has missed his designated contact time for two consecutive days which is somewhat out of character and none of my usual channels seem to be in a position to intervene. It is my understanding that your 'pet' Rogue Trader is meeting with some idiot from an adjoining system so I'll need you to use your influence to have one of your acolytes dropped off on Magnolia on his contacts journey back. Send Lucien...for reasons I have no intention of ever explaining you'll find him easier to...control...if you let him off his leash periodically. He's the best person you have for the job anyway so this will effectively kill two birds with one stone. I'll have specific instructions waiting for him when he arrives, just make sure he gets there as soon as is possible.  

Inquisitor Wroth.

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