Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Gallant: Part 1

The acolytes landed and met up with Inquisitor Wroth. After a briefing they were sent off into the main city to investigate.
After a few wrong turns, they found the information they needed about the cult in the market and the arbites station, which lead them to a major family on Gallant and the neighbouring moon they owned.
On the moon the Acolytes identified the building they needed to clear but not before they were attacked by the walking dead. They entered the building and discovered that Wroth's arch enemy Lucius Ghast was behind the cult. They battled up 12 levels of the hab before confronting Ghast. During the altercation they killed a member of Ghast's Coterie but not before losing witch hunter Brabas and Inquisitor Wroth being near fatally wounded.


Atellus "The Boy" Grendel - 400 Xp, + 1 Renown

Kallos "Shiv" Tevet - 300 Xp

Litila "Gunner" Venus - 300 Xp, + 1 Renown

Lucien 'The Hound' Baptiste - 400 Xp
Lyra "Cat" Devi - 400 Xp, + 1 Renown

 Mann "Lee" Standing - 300 Xp

Silon "Blade" Zane - 100 Xp, + 1 Wound

900 gelt each


  1. I like how silon is getting a wound each time lol. Silly people who like to punch stuff.

    Is Attelus' renown for throwing the whole party down a hole?

  2. I would like to think the renown is for jinxing the RPG and opening doors with my mind powers to stop people getting blown up.

    also, we should just gloss over the whole hole incident

  3. the fat man is correct... renown is working in character too e.g. the stealh characters will get less but other rewards

  4. As 'Renown' is generally a measure of how well known you are to the general public it makes sense that the 'action men(and women)' would have higher renown totals than the more subtle ones. Certain abilities such as 'unremarkable' should also start to have penalties attached if your famed across half the sector.

    "Hey, you look just like that guy who....." and so on, lol.

    It's also worth considering that just because you did a job doesn't mean that your going to get any credit for it. I'm reasonably sure that Crows reports to Wroth emphasised her tactical brilliance and organisational skills rather than anything we actually did ;-)

  5. I should really read things more thoroughly....."other rewards"???

    Last time you said something like that my blood turned to plasma.....

    1. ^lols just lols^ blood for plasma, a timeless classic

  6. you should know not to second guess me by now :P

  7. Catching the Obliterator Virus was admittedly a bit of a surprise. I doubt that Lucien will be attracting the attention of any Chaos Gods though, lol.

  8. Liking that I getting wounds
    Hopefully when i miss in combat - i can live and hopefully hit next time lol

    I wanting to look at increasing my WS