Saturday, 14 January 2012

Iocanthos: Part 1

As your lander approaches touch down, through the view ports you see a gathering of some 15 women in polished black power armour, their hair and robes flapping in the down draft from the crafts engines.
Crow exits the lander first, moving to a tall woman, with three tear drops tattooed on her right cheek and a fleur-de-lis on the other."Pris!"
“Rhiannon!” Crow exclaims and moves swiftly to embrace the battle sister. She moves to hold her at arm’s length, “A palatine now, how many years has it been?”
The battle sister chuckles, “12 though the time you spend in the warp I’m sure its much less.” She looks behind Crow to the gathered party, “Seems you’ve risen in the ranks too. No Abraham or Sophia?”
“No Wroth split the…  This isn’t the time, we’ll catch up later, What of Vittel? Does she live?” Crow’s voices wavers as she asks the question.
“Come another old acquaintance awaits in the briefing room”, Palatine Rhiannon issues orders to her squad and they begin to move towards a large mobile tactical base nearby.
“Oh he does love his games,” Crow mutters to no one in particular, “Move out, let’s see what we’re up against”

The briefing room is cold and the breath of all those gathered mists in the air, a stark contrast to the heat outside. 
Gathered are, Palatine Rhiannon, a few adepts, all busy at various consoles, but the dominant presence in the room is an imposing man in burnished gold armour, cherubs floating about his head their incense bearers tainting the air with musk of cinnamon and honey.
“Feth…” Crow curses as she walks into the room,  “he really is playing with me.”
“Be on your guard, especially you Attelus” Crow voxs as subtly as able, “Greetings witch hunter Brabas” Crow moves to a chair, “Allow me to introduce *introduce kill team*”
Brabas waves a dismissive hand at you all and servitors move to pull chairs out for you all. All present sit, except Brabas, who’s armour would make the action impossible.
“Very well, we are all here once more,” the witch hunter begins, “The Ghostfire harvest is nearly complete, we have wasted time. The last shipment is in transit now in the hands of a freelance collector, Vervai Skull is the current high bidder for this shipment but we want Vai Seth to have it, we are backing his ruler ship for the planet. The man would bring the imperial creed here and allow a contingent from the adeptus mechanicus to use the scum resident here, mechanicum technology and the Ghostfire to create a new form of Skitari. “
“219, your objective is to track and find this shipment and bring it to vai Seth and “the Voice”, secondary objectives are to eliminate Vevai Skull and Sevai Hakur, the two main competitors.”

“That is all” with that the witch hunter marches from the room deeper into the station.

Sister Rhiannon moves to the head of the table “Well I shall field questions then. “

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  1. Should we be suspicious that all Crow's close female friends are hot babes.....