Litila "Gunner" Venus

Feral Assassin.

WS 33, BS 50**, S 39, T 31, Ag 32, Int 29, Per 33, WP 31, Fel 30. (*= upgrade purchased) 

Divination - 'Only in death does duty end.' + 1 Wound 

Skills - Awareness, Speak Language (Low Gothic, Tribal Dialect), Dodge, Silent Move

Traits - Unlucky Colour (Orange)

Talents - Basic Weapons Training (Las), , Melee Weapon Training (Primitive),  Pistol Training (Las), Ambidextrous

Gear - Long Las, Red Dot Sight, Telescopic Sight, Las Pistiol, 2 Las Packs, 2 x Hot Shot Packs, Knife, Stimm x3, Chain Coat, Body Glove, Charge Pack

Background - Litila Venus was born on Volonox; a feral world of almost pure forest, where the terrain is an ocean of verdant greens, except for small man made clearings and several Mediterranean seas. The world was a very independent and tried to keep themselves to themselves; a characteristic shared across the native population, they generally keep quiet and don't share much about themselves, usually resulting in them being considered very unsociable and quiet.

The population heavily rely on hunting as a source of food and entertainment, due to this children are thought to uses a weapon from ages as low as 6, having spent much time hunting most natives have poor education, most are illiterate.

Litalia was born into royalty upon her world, so was taught to read and write by the best on her planet. She was thought to hunt by her father, whose skill at the hunt kept them as the tribal leaders, in the feudal society. Litalia was the best hunter of her generation, thus giving her the common name of "Gunner" she was in-line to soon be in charge of her tribe, once her father had stood- down.

Unfortunately, as a small child Litalia's mother died, to corrupt penal legion cast astray on her world. This has forever emotional scared Litalia, give her a hatred of chaos. Due to the orange cover all’s worn by her mother’s killer, Litalia considers the colour unlucky and has been known to behave irrationally when confronted with the colour. *Inquisitoral note* - It has been observed by agent 5583a84 that Litalia seems to suffer trauma in the form of flash backs of her mothers death, this should be monitored closely.

When Litalia was 17, Her world was invaded by chaos scum. During this time her world was overturn causing many deaths, and the ones that didn't die, were forced to work or where ill due to the Nurgle diseases were bed ridded. Her father was one of these who were ill from Nurgle’s wrath, and upon his death bed he told Litalia to flee the world whilst she still could, and to take his crow bracelet, that he had been given by his father and had run through the generations. After fleeing her world the only things she had to remember her family was the horrifying memories and the crow bracelet.
She arrive upon the planet of Scintilla, a teeming of city full of all aspects of imperial life, from the lowliest beggar scrapping for crumbs to over paid priests issuing sermons through elaborate vox feeds.

Home World - Volonox (Feral World)

Age - 18

Build -

Description -
Blue Eyes, Blonde Hair, Ruddy Skin, Tribal Tattoos

Player - Louis

N.B. I had to correct some of Louis' background, but haven't been able to go through  it all yet


  1. @ Citizenwilliams - Yes your offering is much better. But then I did play that game to completion somewhere in the region of 45 times.....

  2. This character isn't slutty enough either.....have years of sci-fi and Sword and Sorcery taught you nothing about female adventurers???

  3. lmao, you mean how a metal bra and a loin cloth is the same as full plate mail?

  4. Mines slutty.... teases men and sleeps with ladies... probably...

    Anyway as for the character, i take from the gear section the longlas has a telescopic sight and a red dot sight buut it does say.. "a gun may have only one sight". Sort it out snaz

  5. I let him have both, as you entirely can on a rofle he just can't use both at once

  6. I'm fine with a Laser Sight on a Laser weapon but one of my pet hates in films is when a guy with a sniper weapon that fires an actual bullet, uses a Laser Sight to aim it.....

    1) A big red dot isn't very stealthy.
    2) Lasers travel in a straight line till they disperse and bullets.....don't.....

  7. sniper bullets do... is that litterally the point?

    talk to snaz, magron was the tits without a reddot :P

  8. +10 and yes, its only silencers and supressors become less effective if spotted

  9. i dont think i have either of those yet

  10. She certainly has anger management issues...

  11. I think "little bitch" would be a more fitting nickname instead of "gunner" seeing as she's short and a hits/shoots people for no reason.

  12. Striking an Arbitrator is punishable by death so if she'd have punched Lucien he would have been required by Imperial Law to unload full-auto shotgun fire into her then throw her corpse out of the nearest air-lock...obviously he wouldn't have enjoyed it it in any way...but the law is the law ;-)

  13. Litila’s view and thoughts on characters:

    @Mr Basptiste, seems Alright he is obviously thinks high of him-self, which often show; but overall he keeps him self to him self so I never like nor dislike him; However, my home-world is no “shit-hole”

    @Lyra, We got off on a wrong start, due to my anger but I think if I got to know her we could get on better. She seems pretty good with a fire-arms; and anyone who can fire a gun is good in my books

    @Atellus, is a pathetic childish pysker who needs to learn how to drive a bloody tank.

    @Kallos, Do not know him, but he seems to follow Lucien, so he is either smart or completely retarded .

    @ Man and Silion; I do not know enough about either of them, apart from Man can be very cocky and wont sit down

    @ Ms Crow, I respect Ms Crow, she has proved herself to me many time; she is very secretive and this sometimes disturbs me.

  14. Litila is going down.... (not in a sexual way, but a dead way).... That is all.

    1. She couldn't go down on anyone.....not after having her head blown off by a Bolt Shell.....