Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Gallant: Introduction

After the festival on Iocanthos deck 13 has a different atmosphere. Interrogator Crow and Vittel spend their time together giggling and talking like young girls, giving the whole deck a feeling of levity heightened even more so after the festival.
On the second day a gang of servitor’s arrives from rogue trader Shyhawk, they move about the armoury depositing new weapons and equipment. The mood lasts until the day before planet fall when Witch Hunter Barbas makes a visit.
“Common room now!” the vox message is simple and difficult to ignore, those who pass Crow on their way to the mess hall, note her sour disposition has returned.
“What is the meaning of this Raphael? Your presence is only tolerated here because Wroth has requested you on Gallant, you have not authority.”
“Ophelia, you will be silent and sit with your dregs.” he produces a rosarius. Crow begins to move towards him then stops suddenly transfixed by the badge of office. “As you can see, you are subordinate to me. Do not fear Gabriel only wants me to brief you all, you will have control over your little pet’s planet side.”

He moves to stand at the head of the table, “This mission is above all of your ability and clearance but by the inquisitors grace and benevolence you are permitted to hear the full briefing. For some time now Gallant has had an underworld hidden in the decadence and frivolity of its worthless society.” He paces slowly then looks up “Do any of you know of the cult of the emperor revenant?  *Pause for questions* No? The ecclesiarchy has deemed this radical sect of the imperial creed harmless, but I cannot agree with their leniency. These heretics believe that the emperors physical sacrifice has made him more powerful and that he will ascend to a higher state once his frail state of being in ended or given in true potential. Nonsense of course, the emperor is an infallible being of power. *mutters under his breath* But no matter, these heretics are convince that they can achieve greatness if they break the bonds of physical existence, that in a sublime death they will be reborn all the more powerful.”
He pauses and moves to a servitor taking a drink, before sniffing it wrinkling his nose and returning it, “The Inquisitor believes a sect of this cult is operating under his very nose and has proposed a dual strike offensive to route them out.  Ophelia you and your team with be part of this, while Gabriel himself will lead the rest of the old team as the other half. Sand is on route and is Sophia. He is viewing this as an opportunity to judge you and your team first hand. “

Crow stubs out her fifth Lho stick and regards the zealot, “He wasn’t just amusing himself then.” She says to no one in particular, “Constance,” she turns to Vittel, “could you compile some dossiers on the planet and the cult for the acolytes. Raphael is there anything else we should know?”

Brabas stifles a laugh, the expression seeming wrong in his hard features, “I know little the inquisitor wishes to brief us fully in person” he rests a hand on Crow’s shoulder, “There is one more thing though Ophelia, he will not be meeting us at Frosthold, he wishes to rendezvous at  ‘Le Belle Femme’”. He stifles another laugh as he leaves the room.
“Feth.” Crow looks to Vittel, worry in her eyes, “Acolytes you have a day to prepare, additional information will be with you within the hour”


  1. I liked the giggling... now back to the stress eugh that witch hunter is abit of an arse lol...

    Acolytes Assemble! To the whore house!

    1. We'll have to inspect each of these whores very carefully to make sure that they show no signs of taint ;-)

  2. I'll be unlikely to be yelling out 'look out behind you' should something be about to leap out and rip that Witch-Hunters head off...

    1. or should an RPG be about to blow him in half.....