Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Barsapine Heresy - Briefing

Ophelia sat in the darkened briefing room, her face gently lit by the orange glow of her fifth Lho stick. Lucien had been working hard on the warp core but the lighting was still less than optimal. The acolytes filed in one by one, some known to her others fresh faces from the recruits Lyra had found as they had made their way to Scintilla.

The nature of the mission troubled her, but not so much as sending the untested acolytes against an ally of Ghast. She stubbed out the half finished stick, silencing the room. She smiled subtly, pleased that it had the desired effect.
"We have much to do on Scintilla, and I have little patience for repeating my self so listen carefully." She stood up and moved to the tactical projection screen.
"We are to liaise with Inquistor Medina and her personal troops from the Scintillan protectorate. We will advance on the estate of one Bulgalor Thrugg, a known contact of Lucius Ghast. Those of you fortunate enough to have not heard of the heretic should count them selves blessed."
She flicked through a few slides, familiar faces appear, as well as histories of heresies and atrocities committed. The faces of some of the newer recruits began to distort into disgust, the more seasoned vetrans eyed them wth what approached mirth.
"I have no details on the assault as yet but I have chosen my team for the strike force, those not chosen will form a back up team, you will enter after us and secure any information pertinent to the investigation of Ghast. Servitors will bring full dossiers of our previous information to your quarters." Another slide, this time a list of acolytes.

//TTFD: Heresy unseen is the most insidious.//
//Involvement chosen by applicable skills//mission designation cleanse 5443omega//

  • Lucien Baptiste - Security Specialist
  • Atellus Grendel - Psychic Defence
  • Kallos Tevet - Stealth Specialist
  • Silon Zane - Assault Specialist
  • Mann Standing - Drop Training
  • Tybalt Dorn - Mission Parameters Suggest Possible Warp Taint


Her eyes panned across those chosen, "Lucien will open the armoury to you, we will be met by the rest of the strike force at spaceport Hakaren, you will have no other time to resupply until the estate is clear." Her eyes fell on Ulth. The man, if you could call him that, sat with a blank expression on his face,
"Ulth, you will also be joining us. Your skill set is not... appropriate to research." She lit a sixth Lho stick, "Kallos, you will conduct the rites of awakening on Silon's statis cell, if you would be so kind." She took a long drag on the intoxicant, the slow burning instantly replaced by the tickle of healing and a faint frost in the air.
"You have four hours until rendevous, pack light."

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