Sister Athena Octavia

Battle Sister.

WS 37, BS 45*, S 32, T 45, Ag 43, Int 35, Per 20, WP 45, Fel 40. (*= upgrade purchased) 

Divination - "Trust your fear" 

Skills - Literacy, Speak (Low Gothic, High Gothic), Perform (Sing), Medicae, Common Lore (Imperial Creed, Ecclesiarchy),

Traits - Supplicant, Insanely Faithful, Unshakable Faith

Talents - Hatred (Heretic), Pure Faith, Basic Weapon Training (Bolt), Pistol Training (Bolt)

Gear - Sororitas Power Armour, Godwyn De'az Pattern Bolter

Background -

Home World -  (Shrine World)

Age - 18

Build -
Well Defined

Description -
Blue Eyes, Blonde Hair, Fair Skin, Aquilla Tattoo
Player - Louis


  1. I thought he was going to do a sister Hospitaller now instead?

    and 5 as near as dammit maxed stats, which all happen to be the ones that are most useful to the character? Seems a tad unlikely to me.....

  2. I am also not sold on this....all the stats he needs are high....GET A JOB SNAZ!!!

  3. if I had known that we were allowed to make up our own stats then I'd have had a much higher starting Agility and I definitely would have had a higher Fellowship than 27, lol.

  4. I'm Sorry but i did honestly rolled so well; I have spoken to tom about lowering them and he should he to it soon; and to be hospitaller id have to go Adept and i dont really like them, although im still not certain.

    1. T45 is impossible to get with either of the starting worlds specified for sisters because they both have a base toughness of 20. You'd therefore have to have rolled 25 with 2d10 which could certainly be considered 'rolling well' but only if one of those d10's goes to 15 ;-)

    2. My toughness is 35 my power armour give +10

    3. Power Armour doesn't increase Toughness.

  5. I may have miss read the soris armour sorry, It's plus 10 to strength :s

  6. ...and she's already dead...