Thursday, 2 February 2012

Gallant: Part 2

We left the acolytes on a deserted roof, with a dead witch hunter a near mortally wounded inquisitor and a planet in turmoil. With all haste they band were flown to Windhold, where they were briefed on the state of the planet. The whole surface had been covered with nuclear strikes, except the capital archipelago and a strange structure that suddenly showed up through the interference of the atomic blast.
The capital city its self was crawling with walking corpses, and possible cult memeber's. Ghast had left a path of destruction in his wake.  

Crow tasked the acolytes with a single objective, find and capture a cult member. After a trip to the arbite station, the acolytes chose to investigate a noble family believed to be linked with the cults. In their mansion they found little evidence until they moved to the cellar where they found Wroth and a Xenos creature with many limbs, unknown to them. 
They fled the mansion and searched the sewers, the last known location of the cult, with some excellent stealth they captured a high ranking member and took him to Windhold for interrogation.

They found out some of Ghast's plan and that he needed to be stopped. Their final move was to investigate the strange structure at the south pole. Attelus managed to gain radiation sickness on the way.
They investigated what turned out to be an ancient ziggurat of xenoz origin. They explored the monument, discovering many strange artifacts, one of which seemed to enchant Litila to the point of madness, as after threatening the acolytes she ran deep into the temple and found Ghast and his henchmen. She was executed by Brother Gaius and the acolytes had to once again flee for their lives, saved only by Attelus and his use of xenos artifacts.

Atellus "The Boy" Grendel - 500 Xp, + 2 Renown

Kallos "Shiv" Tevet - 300 Xp

Litila "Gunner" Venus - 0 Xp (Dead)

Lucien 'The Hound' Baptiste - 500 Xp
Lyra "Cat" Devi - 500 Xp

 Mann "Lee" Standing - 200 Xp

Silon "Blade" Zane - 300 Xp

1000 gelt each (not Lucien)


  1. It's hardly my fault that the people I borrowed stuff off were too deceased for me to give it back ;-)

    Plus a good chunk of that cash was stolen.....I mean.....acquired.....Yes, that sounds better......specifically by me using my brilliant 'put stuff in my backpack while no-ones looking because all the servants are dead' Talent, lol.

  2. Does Mann have to pay for his stubber? :P

    1. Only if he lost it or decided to keep it for personal use. Did either of those things happen?

  3. Nope spent and mahy have even burnt one to save it

    1. He should probably be obliged to buy it now though as he's used it as a personal weapon for a while.

  4. Yeah i'll probably buy it....ive got enough xp for what i needed really so yeah. And yes i may have burnt a fate point.... though in my defence there wasnt much i could to against closing not Indy!

    1. Rule of cool man if you wanted to indy it you could have, if you'd bought a fedora :P

    2. Trapped in a closing walls, burnt a fate point to save it.
      Dropped it in the river/lake thing when we fled the structure...

      I know it was saved the first time....

    3. 750 Gelt for a Heavy Stubber is a much better investment than 400 Gelt for a pleasantly scented re-breather filter, though ;-)