Saturday, 7 January 2012

Coscarla Part 2: Mission


The team, left the train and found lodgings at the Coscarla hostel, a less than reputable establishment run by one Marcus Drayelock.

"This crumbling tenement building of knocked through dwellings is marked by the cracked paint of the sign above the door as the “Coscarla Hostel” and is the only option in the area for a paid night’s lodgings. Even compared to the rest of the area, the hostel is in an awful state, the walls are blighted with damp, the plaster peeling and the furnishings covered with patches of mould and unidentifiable stains. The hostel’s proprietor is a bulbous headed, sickly looking man with large bloodshot eyes and pale clammy skin, perpetually drenched with sweat, who calls himself Maxus Drayelok. Despite his fawning pretencions of grandeur, his only workforce consists of his seemingly mute, withered looking wife—a minor mutant with a skeletally thin build and a badly malformed right hand. Drayelok offers his twelve double rooms at a rate of a Two Thrones a night—“light and bedding generously included”

After a swift meal and some sleep in investigation started in earnest.  The team headed to the victims Hab where they encountered his sister and discovered some of Saul's haunts.

"HabStack 717 is a boxy, grey tenstory block decorated with arched window surrounds and stacked tiers of carved scarab blazons. The stack sits about twenty minutes walk along one of the main roadways from the square."

Lili directed the team to the £rd Tantalus Workers' Union a former working mans club now run my a gang. Their leader Luntz provided little information but left the party feeling wary, though not wary enough to not purchase his drugs.

"The Workers’ Union hall is a bar and venue that was provided by the Tantalus Combine for the use of its workers, a common practise that attempts to empty their indentures’ pockets of what little coin the masters have paid them. The establishment has suffered greatly under its current sponsor, the Sibellan narcogang syndicates. Vandalised, brutalised and bullet-ridden, the bar is not a welcoming place for the Acolytes, filled with nervous gang blades, morose drinkers and smashed-up addicts. The only regular clientele are the gang boss “Chord” Luntz and his crew who use the upstairs rooms in the hall as a base of operations. Various drifting scum, gangers and recidivists regularly come to arrange deals with Luntz"

Luntz directed them to the Alms house, previously a place of charity now seemingly home to something more sinister. The plot grew thicker as further searching round the market and other locations revealed the disappearances were common affairs in the hive and many others had vanished. The team them selves found scum kicking in the doors of their apartments as greedy hivers, allied to Luntz came looking for loot. With a plan laid and more information, the team staked out the Union and the Alms house. The discovery that Luntz's drugs were chem enhanced and of a fearsome body snacher servitor in the night led Interrogator Crow to call down the Inquisition's fury and assault the Alms house.

"The Alms House is a large and ornate building, its architecture and scale designed to impose and leave those who humbly enter its halls with no doubt as to the power and wealth of the Tantalus Combine. The building is fronted and tiled inside with a funerary green marble, the ceilings are high and vaulted, and the walls studded with mouldings and statuary. Now largely disused and abandoned, tiles cracked and statues vandalised, the building’s scale and largely empty rooms are filled with dust, leaving it with a haunted desolate feeling.

The rooms of the first floor, beyond locked doors and outside of public scrutiny, are in a worse condition with broken and overturned furniture, scattered papers, torn draperies and the occasional old bloodstain from the Logicians’ unobserved takeover.

The Second floor, originally set up as a small medicae facility for the Combine’s workers, is where the Churgeon has her lair and is a place of unspeakable suffering and horror. The air is filled with a coarse disinfectant reek barely covering the stench of blood. The lights flicker and the filthy walls and floor are sticky wet in places and covered in drag marks, blood splatters, desperate scratches and hand prints."

The discovery of the Churgeon led to the acolytes assaulting the building and defeating her and her minions in combat, but nor before a self destruct mechanism was activated. The Group finished the mission running from the devastation toward the grav train to escape the enraged gang.


Silon Zane nearly dying twice!

Litila Venus wanting to kill most people... for no reason.

Lyra Devi's running final shot killing Luntz outright!

Kallos Tevet's covering for Lucien's crimes...

Atellus' charitable helping of a whore in need and psychological warfare on Mann Standing.

Lucien Baptiste's stalking, raping and killing of a whore for 400 throne gelt, once Atellus had helped her.

All players are now level 2 excepting Mann Standing (who still needs to spend the required Xp)

Bonuses -

Atellus "The Boy" Grendel - 200 Xp

Kallos "Shiv" Tevet - 200 Xp

Litila "Gunner" Venus - 100 Xp

Lucien 'The Hound' Baptiste - 200 Xp, + 1 Renown
Lyra "Cat" Devi - 200 Xp, + 1 Renown

 Mann "Lee" Standing - 100 Xp

Silon "Blade" Zane - 100 Xp, + 1 Wound


  1. I'd like to add one key moment...

    All the acolytes had just met and Litila was training in the gun cages. Lyra goes to observe, when Litila suddenly turns on Lyra and punches her (doing no damage)... at which point an outraged Lyra shot Litila in the arm.

    After being sperated Litila had to spend the rest of the voyage recovering from her wound (and being told she was a silly bint).

  2. True I did forget how oddly strange that was.

    Snaz... sort it out and get a job

  3. To be fair to Kallos all he did was keep a look out.....and I can hardly be held responsible every time I stumble across a defiled and mutilated corpse.....

    I enjoyed the more adult theme when compared to our Deathwatch missions. It was a lot more 'grimdark' which was interesting though I'm not sure what the hell Litila's problem least she'll draw attention away from any other characters indiscretions ;-)

  4. ...and Lucien is now deeply suspicious of any 'corpses' regardless of how obviously dead they appear to be at first glance.....

  5. How did you miss out Atellus shooting a mugger and then getting so high on bad drugs that he thought giant bugs were attacking him.

  6. @ Fat Lad - Those muggers so didn't expect you to have a gun, lol.

  7. Silon Zane needs to purchase himself a ranged weapon of some description as well.....unless there's a reason why his character doesn't use them, that is.

  8. My charcter is very untrusting and doesnt really like people after her past. SO when Lyra came in, having not been alone with anyone in a long time she over-reacted and punched her. But as my chracter realised she was wrong she did apologise :p

  9. that is also my reason for killing every1

  10. So your character did what absolutely NO ONE would do in that situation and punched her....

    Sort it out Snaz! Define her back ground and her personality properly. I mean if punch people in the face is how they say hello on that world its fine... but any of us im sure will gladly shoot her again if she punches us (and might go for the face rather than the arm next time).

    That was a good moment Toby!

    Also GET A JOB SNAZ!!!

  11. Atellus tormenting Mann was hilarious. The fact that to the rest of the team it made him look like some kind of clumsy moron was absolutely priceless.

  12. @A.D. & Snaz
    I may just punch Litila in the head with my Harlequin Kiss
    Made a mess out of anything it hit - when it hit that is

    Also, unable to make it this Saturday, sorry guys!!

  13. Also...
    Thanks for the +1 Wound
    Much needed
    When I get hit, I GET HIT
    But when I hit, I HIT