Monday, 16 January 2012

Gallant: Briefing

Population: 10 billion (estimated)

Tithe Grade: Exactus Extremis
Geography: Several small archipelagos linked by canals
Government Type: Elected official
Planetary Governor: Lady Sybella DeMartis
Adept Presence: High
Military: Minimal PDF presence, main base of operations for Inquisitor Wroth
Trade: Minimal, service industries

Notes: The majority of the work force, defence force, storage facilities and graveyards are based off world on the moons of Gallant.

The planet’s main industry is its cafes, bars, theatres and brothels. The wealthy of the sector use Gallant as a personal playground for parties and festivals. Locals are usually open and forth coming with information, meaning finding an off worlder is usually child’s play.
Major crime is low on the world with law enforcement mainly occupied by petty theft and minor brawls. Crime on the moons and space stations orbiting the planet is a different matter, murder is common place as menials vie to climb up the employment ladder.

*Frosthold – Inquisitor Wroth’s base of operations is a small fortress in the north of the capital city Galahad. Little is known about the layout of the house or grounds but regular checks are issued by the Ordos Hereticus and the facility has passed them all.


  1. Seems like a nice enough place... time to chillax... or hunt down heretics i suppose...

  2. I think we'll need to carefully inspect all the brothels to make sure none of those whores are secretly heretics...