Thursday, 2 February 2012

Kaelor: Briefing

Preparation: Autosavant Dal Maxentia
Attribution: Interrogator Constance Vittel
Recipient: Interrogator Opelia Crow
Ordinanator: Conclave Calixis/Covenant Sibellus/Chamber Obscuro
 TFTD: "Heresy dwells in the depths of the unworthy"

Kaelor is an extremely isolated Craftworld of the Eldar. Under unclear circumstances, at some point in the distant past, Kaelor made a Webway jump to the across the galaxy and has not ventured back  for several millennia. It has virtually no contact with the outside galaxy, and even the Harlequins barely remember its existence. Kaelor is known to pass through the Calixis Sector, a region normally avoided by the Eldar, every thousand Terran years. They have closer ties than most craft worlds to the "dark" Eldar and the "Corsair" pirates of that Xenos ilk.

The Craftworld of Kaelor remembers virtually nothing of its early history and its earliest known records begin with the Craftwars between Kaelor and the Saim-Hann Craftworld, and even information concerning that event is very scarce. What is known is that following a Webway jump, Kaelor found itself on a collision course with the Saim-Hann Craftworld. The ensuing conflict supposedly ended with a Kaelorian victory, but this is highly doubtful. All that is known is that Kaelor was virtually rent apart in the conflict and is now only held together through incredibly strong psychic bonds. During this time, one Kaelor Eldar, known only as Gwrih the Radiant, came to prominence. Gwrih united the Craftworld in an uneasy peace that has held for millennia; a single line, the Rivalin Dynasty, was chosen to permanently hold the position of Farseer of Kaelor. The other great families were effectively exiled from the Craftworld's capital city, the Sentrium, to the outer reaches of the Craftworld. The Exarchs of the Aspect Shrines are accorded far less stature on Kaelor than on other Craftworlds and they swore an oath to Gwrih that they would never intervene in the political struggles of the Kaelorian great houses. The tenuous peace that held was so long that it led to a dangerous level of unbounded indulgence and decadence among the population of the Sentrium. What would have been purged as a Chaos-influenced pleasure cult on other Craftworlds became accepted as "normal." The affluence of the Sentrium and the ever greater deprivation of the other great houses could only have one outcome, and events finally came to a head with the outbreak of the Kaelorian House Wars. During the House Wars the Aspect Shrines retained their customary neutrality, and thus the main opposing forces were the Guardian armies of Houses Ansgar and Teirtu. The struggle was long and bloody, but the final victory went to the Teirtu, and the head of House Ansgar was executed, though his heirs were spared. Following the House Wars House Teirtu, led by Iden Teirtu, emerged as the dominant political player on Kaelor, and House Ansgar was vanquished and exiled into the hinterlands of Kaelor. Iden Teirtu moved his house to the Sentrium and effectively held the Farseer under house arrest, as his son had sided with House Ansgar during the war.

 Co/Ord: 2345#/789/9870001/from the personal archive of Gabriel Wroth

The Kaelor craftworld has once again drifted into imperial space, to convenient to merely be coincidence the Ordo has decided it must be linked with Inquisitor Ghast.


  1. I'm not sure we're quite up to assaulting a Craftworld.....Anyway, maybe they've just come to retrieve a Harlequins Kiss that they've lost at some point in the past.....

    1. Finder's Keepers, loosers weepers
      And all that

  2. lol well invading would just be silly...maybe its all just an accident

    TBH I still don't know yet I have all the parts but no ending so they could just want a fucking ice cream then go :P

    1. We must defend the sacred Imperial ice-cream from the vile Xenos interlopers...

    2. We managed to defend the marketplace so the ice-cream was safe.....we lost the planetary governor though.....