Tuesday, 20 December 2011


You arrive at Scintilla, a teeming of city full of all aspects of imperial life, from the lowliest beggar scrapping for crumbs to over paid priests issuing sermons through elaborate vox feeds.
You are here for any number of reasons, a job, family maybe you were even born here, but all of you currently call this ball of rockcrete and flesh home. You in grain your selves into life on the hive world, fulfilling the role alloted to you by the emporer but you feel uneasy in a way you never have before, as if watched by an unseen presence.  The feeling continues for many weeks, until you arrive home to find a strange package waiting for you. You unwrap it and find a data slate, blank but you feel oddly as though it's yours.

A single button is visble on the data slate, do you want to press the button?

Do you wish to respond to the message, do you even intend to be at the alloted meeting place?

N.B. All players profiles are up  and are complete or near to, for those who want a little more detail (see the left side bar)


  1. Having never left her home planet Lyra is reluctent to adventure across the stars, but as her previous Employer died of old age just a week before maybe it was time for something new, something other than being a body guard.

    Her curiosity piqued, lyra penned a message back.

    -- Greetings Faalen Skyhawk, I will meet you as requested to see what you have to offer. Devi.--

  2. Lucien opened the door to the shit-hole that he currently called home and was surprised to feel the feedback signals of his Cyber Mastiff coming to a state of alertness. With a mental command he linked to his 'Auger' Servo-skull hovering at his shoulder and let the sensor information briefly replace his own senses while his hound started intently at a package sitting in a newly created clear spot amongst the other debris on the table. Amused by the fact that somebody had apparently managed to break into his home without damaging any of the locks simply to create a clear area on his table for this innocuous parcel he strolled over and opened it up figuring that if it was a bomb then they could simply have wired it to the door handle and saved all this pointless melodrama. Though the data-slate inside the package was an irritatingly dull anti-climax, at least the message was of more interest. He'd never heard of this Rogue Trader in particular but he knew that they were all much the same once you got down to their fundamental motivations which inevitably boiled down to one thing...Power...

    Reaching into his pocket he pulled out the handful of Thrones that he found there and remembered that the rent was due tomorrow and he hadn't bothered to pay the months before either. What the hell, at least it might be a brief break from the boredom and he owed nothing to this place. Though as he had no intention of returning it might be worth paying a visit to the bitch that owned these derelict apartments before he left for good, he was also reasonably sure that the fire would cover up any evidence of wrongdoing that he might have left (or be about to leave) here...as long as he remembered to make sure that one occurred of course...

    .... Feth it, he might as well fetch Kellos on his way just in case it was a trap after all...

  3. Foolishly Atellus decided to ask his parents permission to accompany the Rogue Trader, the answer (of course) and emphatic, no!

    Being a typical teenager though he ignored them, after all, 'What's the worse that could happen?'

  4. Silon Zane finally read the data slate, a few days after recieving it. He is curious as to whom and why this Faalen Shyhawk wants to meet him, and more so curious as to the encoded sigial of the High Lords of Terra.

    As Silon is still tracking information on his families killers, he knows some one who knows of him may have information on his families killer. Along with interstella transport could be of use.

    He will head along to Sky Dock 12, but linger in the dark shadows just to see who this Shyhawk is, and what they want with him.