Friday, 16 March 2012

Appon IV - Briefing

The 'Appon IV' Excavation.
Ophelia looked up from the pile of data-slates she was checking for information on the recently disrupted cult for what seemed like the hundredth time and was surprised to see Abraham Sand standing in her quarters...

"It's customary to knock before entering someone's quarters" she said with barely disguised irritation. She'd most likely have shot dead any of her Acolyte team who entered her rooms uninvited..."The fact that my door was locked should also have been somewhat of a clue Abraham...and how did you get on my ship anyway?"

"It was a simple matter to decrypt a lock that primitive and I believe the ships charter states that it belongs to the Rogue Trader Faalen Shyhawk, not yourself" It was often difficult to tell when Sand was genuinely failing to understand the normal social graces or was actually being annoying simply because he could in order to get a reaction. Sand then continued to speak in the same slightly patronising tone that he always used when speaking to anyone not a follower of the Omnissiah and sometimes he used it even then...

 "I have been contacted by several of my brother Magi in conjunction with a small matter they require my assistance with. I have therefore been given permission by Inquisitor Wroth to utilise some members of your team for a small reconnaissance mission with the rest to be held in reserve should I require them later"

"Which ones?"

 The question was of course largely rhetorical. Recon meant Lucien which currently meant '87' as well and of course where Lucien went Kallos would probably be somewhere nearby.

 Lucien.....along with a few of the others were rapidly becoming an essential part of her own group of acolytes and Lucien in particular had adopted every role she'd given him (despite that fact that several were obviously petty minded punishments she'd made up on the spur of the moment) and the thought that Sand could just turn up as he pleased and utilise her people was as close to a personal insult as she'd experienced from any of her peers for a considerable length of time...

Her musing was promptly interrupted by Abrahams reply.

"Lucien, his associate Kallos, '87' and a seer of my acquaintance that I picked up on the way will make up the recon team. I've already informed Lucien of what's required of him and I'll be leading the mission myself. I have my own transportation so you can still utilise your own vessels should I need you to assist me later"

With that he turned and strolled from the room...Crow had quite often considered Abraham to be somewhere between a tedious fool and a dangerous socio-path but had never felt like killing him quite as much as she did at that moment.....Unfortunately as his actions were under the mandate of Inquisitor Wroth she'd have little choice but to just put up with it...for now.

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