Saturday, 23 June 2012

'Atellus' the Unbound

'Atellus' the Unbound

Threat Rating - Malleus Terminus

WS 40, BS 40, S (12) 49, T (8) 49, Ag 30, Int 90, Per 70, WP 90, Fel 25

Movement 3/6/9/18

Wounds - 30

Appearance - Claws, Covered in Eyes, Bleeding from Mouth and Eyes, Scales

Psychic Phenomena - Range 89m, -10 penalty to WP within this radius
                                 - People feel nauseous
                                 - Air filled with the smell of blood
                                 - The taste of bile and blood fills peoples mouths

Skills - Awareness (Per) +20, Deceive (Fel) +20, Forbidden Lore (Daemonology, Heresy, Warp),  Psyniscience +20, Secret Tongue (Dark Tongue), Speak Language (All).

Talents - None

Traits - Daemonic (Toughness bonus x2), Dark Sight, Fear (4) (-30 to Willpower tests), Flyer (3), From Beyond (Immune to Fear, Pinning, Insanity and mind effecting Psychic Powers), Natural Armour (3), Natural Weapons (Claws and Fangs), Unnatural Strength (x3).

Weapons - Claws (1d10+12 dam (Str bonus already included), Warp Weapon (ignores armour))

Psy Rating - 8

Note - You now longer suffer from 'perils'. Any roll of a 9 costs you a wound.

Minor Psychic Powers - All
Major Psychic Powers - All Telekinetic Powers including any 'Ascension' powers possessed by Atellus