Mann "Lee" Standing

Drop Troop Guardsman.
WS 38, BS 35, S 31, T 30, Ag 32, Int 33, Per 26, WP 26, Fel 25 (*= upgrade purchased).  

Divination - "Only in death does duty end" (+ 1  wound)

Skills - Swim, Speak Language (Low Gothic)

Talents - Melee Weapon Training (Primative), Pistol Training (Las), Basic Weapon Training (Las)

Gear - Grav Chute, Respirator, Las Carbine, Backpack, Ration Pack, Frag Grenade x 2, 4 Las charge packs, Combat Knife, Las Pistol, Medikit, Pack of Lho Sticks, Guard Flak Armour, Skull Charm, Shard of Ceramite Armou, Uplifting Primer

Home World - Harakon (Imperial World)

 Background -
Private Standing as with most from his regiment is a designated drop trooper. Raised on the low grav world of Harakon his family lived a good life even though his home planet is known to be a recruiting world for many imperial guard regiments early in life he was known as a good hunter of the local vapourwyrms he and his two brothers made quite a team, which also made him a stand out choice when he came of age and decided his career path was that of the local regiment the 21st Harakoni Warhawk’s .
In initial training he underwent training with his platoon and during the training he and another recruit were vying for first place in a hand to hand combat challenge the other recruit used an illegal move, to satisfy each man’s reputation Mann challenged the other man to a duel. In the process Mann received a scare along the face from the cheek bone to the corner of his eye.
During his training he was selected to join a covert operations team selected to oppose the gains made on the planet malice in Segmentum Solar against the dastardly and upstart Tau Empire, during which he and his team inserted via Valkyrie gunship to infiltrate a top secret weapon’s complex recently captured by the tau and recapture documents that we’re needed by segmentum command on the tau’s weapon capability’s.
During the mission their capability’s were tested time and time again when the team noticed strange bird like creatures stalking them, when the team finally got close to the facility they were ambushed by kroot in league with the tau empire fighting them off cost the team most of their number but in the ferocious combat their superior training gave the guardsmen the edge.
When inside they found the document where high command had said it would be when they called for extraction the valkyrie picked them up and returned them to regimental command, Mann was pulled aside and been told he was required for another mission.
I hope, Lord Inquisitor this both satisfy’s you and your staff on the capability’s and background of private Standing, Man Lee.
Colonel Braskus Paskal.
21st Harakoni Warhawks’s

Age - 28

Build -

Description -
Green Eyes, Brown Hair, White Skin,

Player - Alex


  1. Isn't the Tau system on the Eastern Fringe though? I mean I know that they're meant to be expanding but that's spreading themselves a bit thin don't you think, lol.

  2. He's obviously a heretic if he can travel that far and not age, he may be a denzien of the warp... we should cleanse him as soon as possible!

  3. I'm amazed that somebody who's apparently as clumsy as this guy ever managed to qualify as a 'Drop' trooper as he dropped virtually every drink he picked up and spilt most of his meals down himself as's almost like he was jinxed or something.....

  4. I'm sure he'll be more useful when he's lugging around a big fuck-off Heavy Stubber, lol.

  5. I hope you got off that building by jumping off.... at least use the damn grav chute once! lol

    1. I'm not sure he should be allowed the Grav Chute and a Heavy Stubber as drop troops tend to be 'special weapons only'.