Lyra "Cat" Devi

Gunslinger Scum.
WS 26, BS 45, S 28, T 36, Ag 30, Int 30, Per 33, WP 30, Fel 40 (*= upgrade purchased).  

Divination - "The gun is mightier than the sword"

Skills - Awareness, Barter#, Charm, Decieve#, Disguise, Dodge, Gamble#,Tech-use, Speak (Low Gothc, Metallican Hive Dialect), Blather, Common Lore (Imperium), Navigation (Hives)#, Sleight of Hand#

# = added as a background perk
Talents - Packing Iron, Caves of Steel, Hive Bound, Wary, Ambidexterous, Way of the Gun, Lightning Reflexes, Two Weapon Weilder (Ballistic), Rapid Reload, Pistol Training (Las, SP), Basic Weapon Training (SP), Melee Weapon Training (Primative), Quick Draw

Gear - Fate Bringer Long Pistol + Red Dot Sight (Duelling Pistol), Auto pistol, Knife,Tactical Pistol Harness, Quilted vest, Special Ammunition

Memento - Spent Bullet, Bullet Press

Background - Lyra is a 22 year old Metallican woman from Gunmetal City on Scintilla.

Gunmetal city is not a large hive, but a town in comparison to others on Scintilla. It is the seat of industry with it's Manufactora and Foundries ringing Mount Thollos. As the name would suggest the city manufactures countless firearms of all variations.

In Gunmetal City you joined a Guild and worked the Forges, became a Mercenary or fell into one of the Gun Clans of Infernis; the gangs of the under hive.

Lyra is an only child. She has no memories of her mother, who she is told was lost in an industrial accident when Lyra was but a baby. Her father was a Foundry Manager for Guild Isarnan and Lyra spent the first 17 years of her life learning his trade, about the weapons and their use. Lyra was working for Guild Isarnan from the age of 14. By the age of 17 she was making her father proud with her craftsmanship and affinity with weapons and was able to outshoot her father on the ranges, along with any others who cared to try.

Her life was as good as a Metallicans could be until one dark night.

--After a long shift at the Foundry Lyra made her way through the winding streets when she saw a couple of Metallicans emerging from their habs weapons drawn. Immediately Lyra's humble Auto pistol was in her hand. A shootout over a dispute was a common thing, but it appeared they were aiming at a hab across the street. The door was off it's hinges. A shot rang out from inside.

Lyra sprinted towards the hab, her home.

As she stormed in her father was lying on the floor in a pool of his own blood. Immediately kneeling at his side Lyra wept trying to staunch the bleeding. Her father was dead. Lyra sprawled to the floor as she felt a blow to her head. Two heavy set men ran past her out of the door clutching packs. Making it to the doorway, blinking a trickle of blood from her eye, Lyra took aim and for the first time in her life pulled the trigger in anger.--

Men had come to her home, ransacked the place and killed her father. Gangers from the Vitiosus Gun Clan. Lyra knew this from the tattoo she found on the man whose skull she had put a hole in. They had been stealing Gelt, weapons and ammo from the house.

Lyra went to an elder of Guild Isarnan to leave her job so that she could hunt down the Vitiosus clan and settle the score. Seeing her determination and owing a debt to her father for his service, the elders gifted her a 'Fate Bringer' long pistol. Over the pistol she swore an oath to kill the one that had taken her father.

For the next 3 years Lyra took to the under hive drifting to whichever clan suited her purpose at the time eliminating Vitiosus gangers one at a time. She became a mercenary of the underhive. Employers respected her agenda, for she swore an oath. Ones word and weapon craftsmanship are all that Metallicans respect.

At the age of 20 the Vitiosus clan had been wiped out, Lyra could only hope that somewhere along the line she had avenged her father and ended the killers life. With her oath fulfilled word of a Gunslingers skills had spread up hive. Lyra was hired as a bodyguard and served the noble elders of Guild Isarnan once again, but in a very different manner.

Home World - Scintilla (Hive World)

Age -

Build -

Description -
Blue Eyes, Black Hair, Fair Skin,

Player - Adam


  1. Your character picture isn't slutty enough.....

  2. Apparently 'Cat' is teaching Lucien how to shoot a hand-gun...hopefully we can spend more than five minutes in the armoury without having to kill Litila for trying to punch one of us, lol.

  3. How about a little bit of an overview on Lyra's thoughts..

    Lyra is happy to share some pistol skills with Lucien. As you are a competent arbite, and coming across as an alright chap.

    She feels a little attached to Atellus as she empthasises with him. Thrown into a new world of darkness, having to kill for the first time and just a few years younger than her.

    Kallos seems like quite a nice loyal chap if you get on his right side, seems like your average ganger with a void twist.

    The incompetent Litila and Silon, and the oh so clumsy Mann she has pretty much no respect for so far. And will continue not to until she can get to know them or they impress her.

    As for Crow, Lyra is interested in her and her abilities, but wary of the powerful distant woman she is.

  4. The overview is a good idea. I may steal it at some point today for my own characters profile page.

  5. "She feels a little attached to Atellus as she empthasises with him." - That's a nice way of saying she wants his dick ;)

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  8. She looks a bit like Jennifer Morrison in the first picture.

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