Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Barsapine Heresy - Introduction

It had taken five weeks. Ophelia was sat at her desk when she heard the tell-tale clank of the cyber hounds paws. Lucien entered a severed head in his hand. He dumped it on the floor, without ceremony,
“The last.” With that he turned and left, Crow was more than a little taken aback but so much had happened in the last month, the head was but a strange punctuation mark.

After the acolytes had left Appon IV Wroth had contacted the “Hubris of Man”. The communication had been garbled, but Ophelia had understood that he was coming to meet them, and had news. The time before he had arrived was down time for the team, yet they had been set to the task of clearing and outfitting the new ship, with the help of Faleen. He had come aboard several times, and showed his disdain for the small ship, the new servitors that saw to its smooth running and her superior weapons a far cry from the excessive opulence of the “Hubris”.

Many of the acolytes had left the ship to conduct personal business in the sector, but she had not been idle in her spare time. The luxury quarters of the “Occisio Corvus” were now full to capacity with new acolytes. Sages, battle sisters, guardsmen, the intake had been wide and eclectic, all monitored by trainers, her final gift from her former master.


The voice shook her as it ghosted into her mind. Instantly recognisable as Wroth, yet sounding nothing like his speaking voice.
“Fear not, I have one last request to make of you before we can meet. A fellow inquisitor is raiding a radical cell on Scintilla linked with Ghast, I cannot attend in person as I am bound…” the voice paused as if unsure how to phrase the words, “I am bound into the warp chasing the heretic.”

Information flooded into her mind, leaving her all but unconscious lying on the desk, her nose bleeding.  “One last time…”


  1. Does everybody need to redesign their rooms now?

  2. hey you gsve me the ship.

    tbh I think just a quick overview of the stuff in it will do (see Ulths story)

    1. I not even said what is in my room in first place
      Man more homework - it bad enough just trying to read the damn briefs
      Feel like being back at school

    2. Silon doesn't have a room...he has a bio isolation chamber with a big lock on it...

    3. I have heard I stay in a Stasis Chamber
      Which is fine for me
      Less 'homework'