Saturday, 17 March 2012

Appon IV - Mission.

The acolytes were instructed by Sand not Wroth, to redevous with a escourt class ship orbitting the world of Appon IV. Here they met their new party member a seer whose name every one was soon to forget. The new party member told them that there had been a space battle and the world below had been invaded by strange hybrids of flesh and metal.

After making planet fall the first sight that party saw was an escape pod full of dead humans, they swiftly left finding little in the facility below except a few unreadable data slates. Though they were attacked as they left and discovered a secret tunnel the beats that attacked them had emerged from.

Following this lead them out to the harsh desert sand. From here they drove to a nearby camp and met a group of civilians from the ship, and a navigator. the acolytes stopped the night helping to defend the camp.

The next day the set out to explore the excavation works nearby. The first they found dieserted, except for more of the mutants. The second was in a state of full combat, as the acolyte team travered the deep mine shaft facing the peril of a 200m fall. Once in the facility they discovered and ended a fire fight. finding the first of three pieces they needed to open the "discovery site".

The next site was an eerie dark place where the light and the whirr and grind of machinery began to play on the mind. The acolytes stumbled on the body of a magos, what little biological material that reamined in his body had been removed. Carefully the interrogator took a little for the acolytes. The second key.

The final facility had a full gun fight blazing outside, the acolytes interveened saving the magos from the strange alien invaders and their mutants. They joined forces with the magos to discover the location of the "discovery site".

After deactivating the three security doors the party were faced by the magi absent from his facility, he had been manipulating the others to gain the secret for him self. The combat was brief and bloody. Once it was over the party moved to look at the xenos crystal matrix but suddenly were surrounded by magi and tech marines.

The party were thanked and given gifts of improved armour and even the ship Lucien had spent time clearing.

Apologies for the brevity, but this week sees big changes to the heresy setting. Thanks to Gmort for saving some of my sanity by Gming the last two weeks.

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