Saturday, 17 March 2012

Appon IV - Interlude


Lucien unlocked the armoury cabinet in his quarters and began to lay out the equipment and weapons he was going to require for the coming 'mission' next to one of the benches by the bio laboratory he had installed by his work station. The bionic eye that had previously been part of the recently deceased Commissar Grummands skull floated in a bio canister on one of the stations while Lucien decided what to do with it, he had no real use for it currently but it may be of some use at a future point.

Though, It was entirely reasonable that either he or Kallos were inevitably the first choice for any task involving stealth, the way that Sand had strolled into his quarters, barked orders at him and left had put him in a dark mood. He was somewhat in debt to Abraham Sand for the various training he had given him but he had of late began to treat him like he was an employee of his rather than Wroths and Crows and Lucien was beginning to grow weary of his constant interruptions. The training of late had become less and less useful anyway, he had learnt more through his own experiments than he had through Sands teachings and he was of the opinion that Sand had no intention of teaching him any additional useful skills.

He had also had the nerve to admonish him for giving '87' a name and had nearly burst whatever passed for blood vessels in his form when he had learned that he'd given her one of his engraved Bolt Shells for 'luck'. If Rebekah cared about the exchange then she hadn't shown it in any noticeable way and was currently equipping herself for the upcoming task from Lucien's own weapons stock while Kallos was undertaking his own preparations in his own rooms.

His prep work was interrupted by a coded tone from the long range vox unit that sat on his workbench exactly where he'd left it after the Magnolia incident and he was surprised to see that it was Wroths coded signal. Lucien clicked the activation rune and waited for whatever message the Inquisitor had deemed necessary...How Wroth had managed to tap into a Vox network on a shielded ship moving at the speed they were currently travelling was best not thought about too closely.

"I understand you are about to embark on a task for Sand..." the question was perhaps a Rhetorical one so Lucien sensibly waited a moment before replying...
"Yes Inquisitor...I'm preparing for it there a problem?"
"Yes, there is", the hint of menace in Wroth voice was obvious even over the Vox and Lucien began to realise that something was going on of which he had not been privy to... "This task as you call it is entirely of Sands own organisation and my approval was NOT obtained.....I have therefore decided that Abraham will not be returning from Appon IV"
"I'm not sure I understand..."
Wroth continued "Then let me make it clearer for you would be in everyone's best interest if one Abraham Sand was to mysteriously disappear or suffer a tragic accident or similar unfortunate event during this mission"
"You want me to execute one of your Inner Circle and make it look like an accident?"
Wroth mimicked a shocked tone, "I would never order the execution of one of my loyal subjects as well you know..."
"Yet they disappear anyway..." observed Lucien
"Ah Lucien, I see your finally beginning to understand the reality of the situation...and before you give me any protestations about difficulties let me remind you that I'm well aware of who has a talent for such tasks and when they first got a taste for them..."

The coded signal ended as suddenly as it began and Lucien realised that a new layer of difficulty had been added to his imminent future. He returned to his armourers station and picked up an especially intricate looking shotgun shell and began to load it and several similar looking ones into a spare Combat Shotgun magazine.....He needed to test the 'Executioner' rounds he'd been manufacturing and this seemed as good a time as any.....

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