Friday, 2 December 2011

Lyra "Cat" Devi

So the second member of our little inquisitorial band is A.D.s character Lyra. A scum from gun metal city, she is a real gun slinger and knows her way round a pistol.

See You Space Cowboy... (points for identifying the quote)


WS - 26
BS - 45
S - 28
T - 36
Ag - 30
Int - 30
Per - 33
WP - 30
Fel - 40

So A.D. used the Metallican gunslinger prestige pack to adjust his basic scum into the pistol totting cow gal. Like my self A.D. has chosen a female character for the role playing challenge it offers and to break up the group dynamic a little.

Fate Bringer long pistol + red dot site (duelling pistol)
Auto pistol
Tactical pistol harness
Quilted vest
Special ammunition

Before her recruitment to the warband, "cat" spent time as a body guard on her native hive world of Scintilla, naturally disturstful and suspicious this was a perfect profession until she found her self bored surrounded by those she felt were unworthy.
Slow to trust but loyal to the end Lyra is a gun totting gal with an attitude, WLTM young strong man, GSOH, rich, own ammo required.

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