Thursday, 24 November 2011

Interrogator Crow

I can't find a picture I like atm think between this and the side bar pic.
 As mentioned before I'm not a big user of the rules as a GM if something cooler can happen, so in most of the games I play I use my own "utility" character to fill in any gaps and save any team members from dying.

This time round I have Interrogator Ophelia "Pris" Crow.

She uses the Cleric bases class and skills but unlike the other characters is already a trusted acolyte of Inquisitor Wroth.

Born on the Imperial paradise world of Gallant she was raised by her famly until local ministorium priests discovered her psychic talent (I'm using the faith power rules to proxy her minor psychic talent) and she was taken away by the black ships.


WS - 36
BS - 36
S - 30
T - 30
Ag - 30
Int - 42
Per - 32
WP - 40
Fel - 35

I rolled pretty averagely for her stats, and a few were boosted by her back ground and career path. While I've not used either my self I am allowing player one stat reroll and one swap to make their characters a little specialised whilst still being random. Also unlike the other characters she will start at rank 3 not one as a nominal show of her seniority.

Inferno pistol, sword, flak armour, iho sticks. void suit, bolas

She has a few basic items too like a med pack and micro bead but these will be standard for each character before missons.

While my personnal demenour would be running in and killing I prefer roleplaying characters different to myself, this manifested its self as serveral charismatic characters in Deathwatch and it seems continues into Dark Heresy. However she will have a dark side and a hidden past that will come to affect the party, especially as she is their only link to the mysterious Inquisitor Wroth (think Bosley is Charlies Angels).

So a minor noble, psyker working low down in the inquisition with a bunch of new recruits. I can feel the story lines building already.

*Adendum - Crow has now been rewritten as a level 8 interrogator (using ascencion) and I've used the psyker build going down the military path. I will post more when I do a full stats page for each character and she now has a model

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