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Lucien 'The Hound' Baptiste

 Another addition to the war band courtesy of GMort, he outlines his character wonderfully and the back and forth trans continental emails that led to his creation. as the band shapes up its been really fun designing missions round their skill sets, much more than DW. But enough from me over to GMort

As you might be aware, were finishing off our Deathwatch campaign over the next few sessions and are then going to be moving onto Dark Heresy. Playing as a Space Marine is fun but the role-playing opportunities can be a bit limited as.....well.....8 foot tall, Power Armoured killing machines don't blend in very well if your trying to infiltrate a load of cultists. Based on XP a Deathwatch character effectively starts off as what would be a Rank 9 Ascension character in Dark Heresy. Being a much squishier human is going to come as a culture shock, lol. After being told about the Cyber Mastiff Handler from the Dark Heresy supplement 'Book of Judgement' I decided that I wanted to play one in the campaign, however I wanted to be more of a tracker who would 'run with the pack' rather than what would effectively be a guy with a remote control. After much discussion with my GM it was decided that the character I wanted to play couldn't really exist using the current rule-set but we both liked the idea so much that Tom decided to 'bend' the rules a bit...... In order to get the basic 'Tech' knowledges we first created my character as if he was born on a 'Forge World' for which there are rules in the 'Inquisitors Handbook' as this gave me the Common Lores that such a character would need. Then it was suggested by Tom that we use the Arbitrators rules and just work on the principle that in my characters home system certain Arbitrators that showed the necessary skill-sets were honoured' by the Tech-Priests with Mechanicum Implants so they could be turned into the aforementioned Cyber Mastiff Handlers. Effectively we ignored the career prerequisite for the Handler (as he should be a Tech-Priest) and replaced the Rank 1 Arbitrators advance chart with the Cyber Handler one. From that point onwards I would use the Arbitrators advance charts with the occasional skill from the equivalent Tech-Priest rank being selectable when appropriate. Finally we swapped the characteristic advance costs of Agility and Fellowship with one another so as to more accurately reflect his 'training' as a hunter and tracker. In a final act of generosity my GM allowed me to have the Tech Priest pay scale rather than the Arbitrator one which at least allowed me to buy some suitable gear when combined with selling some of the stuff that was no longer appropriate and then also let me have a Servo Skull to go with my Mastiff.....what a great guy..... With all that out of the way I proudly present Lucien ' The Hound' Baptiste.  

Lucien 'The Hound' Baptiste.

Arbitrator Cyber Mastiff Handler. WS 32, BS 39**, S 37, T 34*, Ag 35, Int 45, Per 40, WP 36*, Fel 27.  
Divination - 'There is no substitute for zeal' * Skills - Awareness, Common Lore (Adeptus Arbites, Imperium, Machine Cult, Tech), Inquiry, Literacy, Secret Tongue (Tech), Speak Language (Low Gothic), Tech-Use, Tracking. Traits - Fit for Purpose (+3 BS**), Mechanicum Implants. Talents - Basic Weapons Training (SP), Electro-Graft Use, Melee Weapon Training (Primitive), Pack Hunter, Quick Draw, Technical Knock. Cyber Handler Gear - 'Bloodhound' Cyber Mastiff, 'Auger' Servo Skull, Constructer Interface Augmetic. Gear - Arbitrator ID, Bolas x2, Chrono, Cloak (Common Quality, Used to disguise uniform when shadowing), Flask of Amasec, Injector, Knife, Manacles x2, Mesh Vest, Multi-Key, Shotgun Ammo x60, Stimm x3, Uniform (Good Quality),Vanaheim-Pattern Assault Shotgun

Background. Lucien was born in the habitation blocks provided for the workers on the primary Forge's of Arcturus Prime, the only child of an archivist and a common labourer. Like all inhabitants and serfs of the most well run Mechanicum facilities each person was regularly assessed so as to ensure their contribution to the Omnissiah would be the most appropriate one. Luckily for Lucien, his intelligence and natural awareness spared him the fate of an existence as a low level labourer and made him ideal as a candidate as an Enforcer and then later as he showed more and more ability as a locator of troublemakers he was made an Arbitrator. As his moderate successes became noticed by his superiors it was decided he would be granted the blessing of the Omnissiah in the form of the Implants required to become a handler for the various Cyber creatures necessary to locate the more elusive of the criminals that eluded even the most efficient of the Arbites trackers. After the successful retrieval of an important piece of Xenotech stolen from the Magos's own data archives, the Magos created a Servo Skull for Lucien from what was left of the perpetrators corpse as acknowledgement of the efficiency of the retrieval. Not long after this event a request was made to the rulers of the Arcturus system for an experienced tracker and hunter and Lucien was given the honour of the assignment.....Of course whether this was a reward for his successes or a reaction to certain.....disappearances that have occurred on operations in which Lucien was involved, remains to be seen.....

more characters soon I hope as the group meets this Saturday.

* also changed inquistor Crow theres more information on her post but I hope to have it all the characters stat lines on their own page soon.

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