Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Inquisitor Wroth

Inquisitor Wroth is the party's Inquisitor, a shadowy figure in the upper echelons of the ordo Hereticus guiding his many acolytes over many worlds through his interrogators and coded messages left with deep cover spies.

Looking at the structure of the ordos in Dark heresy I couldn't see any way a group of low level inexperienced acolytes would even meet an inquisitor let alone work with one side by side, so I decided to separate the group from their raison d'etre. I might introduce him as a character later on and maybe have them meet him without knowing, but it allows for scope in what I feel may otherwise be a very claustrophobic campaign of hive towers, archives and back room interrogations.

Not alot else to say on him at the moment he is for now a framing device and a target for the characters to try and reach him and become part of his personnal retinue.

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