Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Beginning

So we're a group of gamers from Sutton Coldfield in Birmingham, in the last 6 months or so we've been playing the RPG game Deathwatch but as with all systems we fancied a change so after a shuffle of GM and system we decided to play Dark Heresy.

I'm Tom I'm the groups GM, over the next few weeks before we begin as Deathwatch winds down I'll be posting the build up, my planing and the character we'll be following, then in the new year the missions as i write them up and a write up of how the characters do.

I've GMed a few systems before, my back ground is in D&D and Vampire Masquerade so I'm much more of a rule of cool and non combat GM with rewards being given for roleplay not killing the biggest things. This is mainly why Dark heresy appeals to me as a system, in a galaxy full of monsters and aliens that only really want to kill, you play a human fighting to solve the problems of yout race.

So with that said I'll hopefully get to update soon with a few characters.

* There are going to be a few other blogs floating around they are all members of the group and many will have addition info on and other RPG and hobby fun, please take a look.

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