Tybalt Dorn

Faithful Servant

WS 32, BS 40*, S 29, T 33, Ag 30, Int 31, Per 27, WP 51*, Fel 50* (*= upgrade purchased).

Divination - Die if you must, but not with your spirit broken

Skills - Speak Language (Low Gothic, High Gothic), Common Lore (Imperial Creed). Common Lore +10 (Ecclesiarchy), Deceive, Dodge, Drive (ground Vehicle), interrogation, Lip Reading, Literacy, Medicae, Scholastic Lore (Legend), Scrutiny

Talents - Pure Faith, Air of Authority, Disarm, Peer (Ecclesiarchy), Unshakable Faith

Traits - Fear of the unhallowed, The power of hate, Supplicant, Insanely Faithful

Gear - Stub revolver, Hand flamer, Neural whip, Fire bomb, Excruciator kit, Candles, Backpack, Shield robes, Medikit, Injector, Writing kit, Data slate, Micro bead, Lighter, Rope

Mementos - Aquila necklace, Charms

Wounds - 11

Home World -  Shrine World

Age - 50's?

Description -  Robust male, Ashen Skin, Black hair, Black eyes, 2.1m tall, 120kg

Player - Adam

Background - Tybalt Grew up on a shrine world and was raised with the Ecclesiarchy surrounding him. Following the Emperors light he joined a clergy and rose to become a confessor.

Wishing to spread the light of the golden throne to the downtrodden he went on a pilgrimage, helping where he could. And even administiring the Emperors retribution under dire circumstance.

Records of his time after that end. Presumibly the Administratum could not keep up with his movements as with many pilgrims.

Tybalt may just be the man to keep the acolytes upon the righteous path, never allowing them to stray into the dark. Maybe this old Cleric will be of use.... Or maybe he's just another Emperor botherer.


  1. So now we've got 3 mental fuckers in our group, well thats just great ;)

    1. Says the junkie who kept using powers in an area that made wings burst from his back.....

  2. And what precisely makes him mental?