Occisio Corvus

An experimental adaptation of an ancient ship design that has many similarities to that stolen from the Monsk shipyards in the late 40th Millennium. This particular variant has undergone vast alterations by the Mechanicum in order to decrease it's reliance on the (in their opinion) weakness of the organic crew that normally run such vessels. The greatly increased space created by this reduced reliance on living crew members has enabled the ship to be fitted with systems normally reserved for larger vessels and has allowed for energy to be diverted for additional defensive and offensive systems.

The ship was kept (for the most part) from the hands of Stryxsis Raiders via the interference of several agents of Inquisitor Crow namely Lucien Baptiste, Kallos Tevet and Project 87 with some assistance from Abraham Sand who unfortunately disappeared during the attack. Once Inquisitor Crow and the rest of her acolytes had liberated Appon IV from the invaders the ship was gifted to her by the Magi of the Arcturus system and their Space Marine allies who had arrived (somewhat belatedly) to secure the area though this was on the condition that they were willing to clear the ship of the remaining boarders without their assistance. They did however offer to transport any resources the acolytes required from the Phase 3 facilities to their new prize.....The discoveries at the new area where however quite obviously not on that list.....

Via salvage of Servitors from the various Appon IV facilities and the induction of the camps various survivors as crew Ophelia Crow has managed to prepare the frigate for space travel. Though it has taken over a month for her Acolytes to clear the vessel adequately and for Lucien to prepare, repair and re-purpose enough servitors to make it viable she now has transport worthy of her wide ranging ambition and purpose.....

'Arcturus' Class Strike Frigate. 

Dimensions : 1.6 Km Long, 0.5 Km at fins (approx).
Mass : 6.5 Megatonnes (approx)
Crew : 3000 Servitors, 300 crew
Speed : 10                                Manoeuvrability : +29 
Detection : +27                         Hull Integrity : 42
Armour : 20 +6 at Front              Turret rating : 3
Void Shields : 4

Modified Titanforge Lance Battery (Starboard)
Modified Titanforge Lance Battery (Port)
Modified Ryza Pattern Plasma Battery (Prow)
Plasma Drive : Oversized Modified Jovian Pattern Drive (Unknown Class)
Warp Engine : Strelov 2 Warp Engine
Geller Field : Geller Field, Warpsbane Hull
Void Shield : Quadruple 'Castellan' Void Shield Array with Repulsor Upgrade
Bridge : Ship-Masters Bridge of Antiquity
Life Sustainer : Ancient Life Sustainer
Crew Quarters : Voidsman Quarters
Auger Array : Deep Void Auger Array with Auto-Stabilised Logis Targeter
Quarters : Barracks, Luxury Passenger Quarters with Medicae Facility

Augments and Enhancements.
Armoured and Reinforced Prow, Armour Plating, Augmented Retro Thrusters, Crew Reclamation Facility, Librarium Vault, Munitorium, Murder Servitors, Observation Dome, Reinforced Interior Bulkheads, Servitor Crew, Storm Trooper Detachment, Trophy Room.

Castellan Shield Array, Cogitator Interlink, Micro Laser Defence Grid, Teleportarium (Requires extensive diversion of power from other systems to activate).


  1. Wheres the bar?
    Safari Park?

  2. The bar is in the Luxury Crew Quarters, Holodeck technology doesn't really exist in the Imperium and a Safari Park would take up too much room that's needed for things like Warp Engines and Weapons.....