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'Lucien' Pattern Murder Servitors.

'Lucien' Pattern Murder Servitors.

Engineered using information obtained from the dissection of Stryxis created Vat Brutes combined with the extensive knowledge of bio-constructs passed to Lucien Baptiste by the Magos Abraham Sand in order to create a servitor wholly designed for survivability and counter attack capability. Later experiences fighting against Power Armoured opponents together with the opportunity to study such equipment has allowed the equipping of some of these Servitors with greater protection though these are produced in significantly smaller quantities.

Capable of being armed with a variety of ranged and assault weaponry this pattern of 'Murder Servitor' is powerful if somewhat lacking in subtlety. Lucien is thought to have created several hundred of these monstrosities for his Inquisitor making any assault against the vessel of Ophelia Crow an extremely courageous decision.....under normal circumstances that is.....

Lucien Pattern Type 1 Murder Servitor.
WS 30, BS 30, S (12)60, T (12)60, Ag 20, Int 10, Per 30, WP 40, Fel -, Wounds 25

Movement 3/6/12/24

Skills - Awareness +20 (Per).
Talents - Ambidextrous, Appropriate Weapon Training, Sprint, Two Weapon Wielder (Ballistic, Melee).
Traits - Armour Plated, Auto-Stabilised, Dark Sight, Machine (3), Natural Weapons, Size (Hulking), Unnatural Strength x2, Unnatural Toughness x2.

Equipment - Inbuilt Auspex.

Weaponry - Most of the standard models are armed with the following common and easily manufactured weapons though a small quantity have more exotic armaments for 'special' circumstances.
Note - All ranged weapons are backpack fed with the ammo quantity listed.

Eviscerator : 2d10+6 R, Pen 12, Tearing, Unwieldy.
Heavy Flamer : 30m , S/-/-, 1d10+8 E, Pen 5, Clip 60, Flame.
Shotcannon : 40m, S/3/-, 2d10 I, Pen 0, Clip 60, Blast (1), Unreliable.
Twin-Linked Heavy Stubber : 120m, -/-/10, 1d10+4 I, Pen 3, Clip 200, Twin-Linked.

There is an alternate more heavily armed version that has been manufactured in smaller quantities due to the relative complexity of the weapon load-out and the inefficiency that comes from having to carry and use such massive quantities of ammunition...

Lucien Pattern Type 2 Murder Servitor.
WS 15, BS 50, S (12)60, T (12)60, Ag 20, Int 10, Per 30, WP 40, Fel -, Wounds 30

Movement 3/6/12/24

Skills - Awareness +20 (Per).
Talents - Ambidextrous, Appropriate Weapon Training, Crack Shot, Independent Targeting, Marksman, Two Weapon Wielder (Ballistic).
Traits - Armour Plated, Auto-Stabilised, Dark Sight, Machine (5), Natural Weapons, Size (Hulking), Unnatural Strength x2, Unnatural Toughness x2.

Equipment - Inbuilt Auspex, Inbuilt Motion Predictor.

Arm Mounted Triplex Rotary Assault Cannon x2
150m, -/-/10, 3d10+6 I, Pen 6, Clip 2000, Storm, Tearing, Twin-Linked.
Shoulder Mounted Twin-Linked Autocannon.
300m, S/3/-, 3d10+8 I, Pen 6, Clip 100, Reliable, Twin-Linked.

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