Friday, 25 May 2012


Inquisitorial Transmission - 3d43f5djj88n - Beta level encryption

Primary recipients - Inquisitor Meridina, Interrogator Tevet
Secondary recipient - Arbitrator Baptiste

We have recieved a request for assistance from the Planetry Governor Lady Castilla Flavia. There has apparently been an increase in certain activities and warning signs that the governor was instructed to look out for after the previous trouble with cultists was eliminated by Arbitrator Baptiste with the assistance of (the then) Interrogator Crow and the rest of her acolytes.

Reports of cultist activity and anti-imperial agitators have increased by 12.56%
Unusual criminal activity has increased by 14.67%

There are also unexplained outbreaks of disease, random violence, sexual crime and mutant sitings that are significantly outside of that which would be expected for the size of the planetary population.

Given the decisive and (apparently) complete (at the time) destruction of the cultist activity and the crippling of the associated criminal gangs by Crows team it has been requested personally by the Governor that they return to deal with this new threat to imperial stability and order on the planet. There have also been unconfirmed sightings of the Mechanicum Heretic Magos Vathek...

From Inquisitor Meridina - To the Inquisitorial High Council - 3cnixumiuz48u

I have serious doubts about this team and it's activities. Under the leadership of Inquisitor Crow these agents appear to have acted in many ways with the very same methods that we would consider to be heretical if reported as been undertaken by any other organisation.

I have included 374 examples of breaches of protocol and illegal activity as well as a further 212 suspiciously vague omissions in official reports. I also have severe doubts about allowing Lucien Baptiste to manage this groups resources while Inquisitor Crow is incapacitated and High Lord Inquisitor Wroth is absent. I have found connections to criminal activities that correspond to locations in which the aforementioned Arbitrator was present that shed serious doubt about his integrity and morality...specifically I refp9cmzxtskutlyc.suixklkloxkzdr.xuczrisigvhjisduou

File damaged in transit - Cause unknown

From Inquisitor Meridina - To the Inquisitorial High Council - n884nxi3xnuii

I am troubled to hear that my attached evidentry files did not reach you for your consideration though my appointment to oversee the group is gratefully received. I assure you that under my leadership the team will be bought into line or will face the consequences. I have requested copies of all reports relating to the team as well as full breakdowns of the agents activities both before and after recruitment so I can gain a better insight into these individuals. I firmly believe however that the inclusion of my own people into this group will be the best way of maintaining better control over them...I also request that the suspended death warrant for Lucien Baptiste be reinstated immediately as it seemed to be a significant motivational tool in the hands of Inquisitor Crow and I believe that the same consideration should be given to me as the teams new overall leader. It is my further belief that Kallos Tevet is an unsuitable choice as Interrogator and have attached a list of my own acolytes who would be far more effective in the role.

Personal Log - Lucien Baptiste - cm4857hdjxu7

Intercepted another message from that bitch Inquisitor. She actually believes that I'd allow that warrant to be held over me again. The truth be told I'd have probably served Crow without it...she had an arrogant disregard for the feelings and lives of others that I found oddly endearing and it genuinely never occured to me to dispose of her...not least because it would have been exceptionally difficult to manage...not impossible...just difficult. Meridina on the other hand will be easy to deal with...Kallos has put up with a lot over the years and he deserves his chance to lead without her interference...the fact that I'll enjoy every second of her agonising death will just be a bonus I suppose. Now I just need to find a way to get her to voluntarily enter my domain and be angry enough to avoid taking any precautions...

Personal Log - Lucien Baptiste - ji888nci8nne

That was depressingly easy.....

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