Project 87 - Rebekah

Project 87 - 'Rebekah'

Tech Assassin 
WS 61****, BS 56***, S 80****, T 90****, Ag 50***, Int 35, Per 50**, WP 45*, Fel -.
(*= upgrade purchased)  

Wounds -

Fate Points - 3  

Divination - Mutation without, corruption within - Major Mutation (Necrophage : T+10, Regeneration)

Background Package - Proven Innocent (+3 to all characteristics, +1W, -1 Fate Point)

Mastered Skills -
Athletic Mastery, Shadow Craft Mastery, Stealth Mastery, Tech Lore Mastery.

Skills - Awareness +20, Common Lore (Adeptus Arbites, Machine Cult, Tech, Underworld, War), Drive (Ground Vehicle +20), Intimidate, Literacy, Medicae, Pilot (Civilian Craft, Military Craft), Secret Tongue (Tech, Throne Agent), Speak Language (Low Gothic), Tech-Use, Tracking +20.

Paragon Talents -
Basic Weapons Expertise, Berserker, Blade Dancer, Conditioned Intellect, Death Blow, Guardian, Gunfighter Saint, Heightened Reactions, Indomitable Fortitude, Machine Spirit Empathy, Melee Weapon Expertise, Mental Aegis, Peerless Marksman, Pistol Expertise, Storm of Blows, Soul of Stone, Unarmed Ascendant Mastery, Unassailable Grace.

Talents - Arms Master, Autosanguine, Blind Fighting, Bulging Biceps, Catfall, Chem Geld, Double Team, Enhanced Bionic Frame, Furious Assault, Gunslinger, Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight, Smell), Hip Shooting, Logis Implant, Machinator Array, Nerves of Steel, Orthoproxy, Prosanguine, Quick Draw, Sound Constitution (12), Sprint.

Traits -
 Armour Plating, Cult of Blood, Mechanicus Implants, Preternatural Speed, Unnatural Agility.

Bionics and Implants -
 Bionic Respiratory System, Black-Bone Bracing, Chem Gland (De-Tox, Ghostfire, Onslaught, Stimm), Cranial Armour, Muscle Enhancement (Unnatural Strength x2), Subskin Armour.

Weapons -
 D'Laku Crusade Pattern Hellgun (Best Craftsmanship) with Backpack Power Pack, Grenades (Blind x3, Frag x3, Krak x3), Infernus Pistol (Best Craftsmanship) with 2 Spare Charge Packs, 'Lathe' Mono Combat Knife (Best Craftsmanship, Venom Drip) x2.

Armour -
 Best Quality Carapace Chest Plate (AP6, Body), Best Quality Xeno Mesh (AP5 Arms, Body, Legs), Best Quality Mesh Cowl (AP5 Head).

Gear -
 Charm (Engraved Bolt Casing - 'Spare' of Luciens), Chrono, Best Quality Clothing (Body Glove), Infra-Red Goggles, Vox Bead.

Background - 
The Magos Biologis Abraham Sands has maintained his position as the foremost expert in the field of bio-constructs in no small way due to his willingness to continue to test the limits of his knowledge on subjects both willing and.....less so.....These subjects come from a variety of origins ranging from penal facilities, Inquisitorial prisoners and those who believe they can redeem themselves in the eyes of the Emperor by their own sacrifice. Some however are simply those who have abilities that they simply should not possess...

Records of the origins of the test subject categorised as '87' have either been lost or deliberately destroyed but whatever her beginnings she has shown a remarkable resilience to all the various experiments (both successful and unsuccessful) that have been inflicted upon her. Currently she is being used by Sand as a test subject in order for him to pass on his knowledge to a new recruit in the service of Interrogator Crow known as Lucien Baptiste. In order to gain more data on the success of these various experiments Sand has authorised her use on field operations as long as those operations involve Lucien in some way so there's some-one he trusts to monitor and record any acquired data of interest.

Lucien dislikes the name '87' and has taken to calling her 'Rebekah'...a fact that Sand disapproves of as lacking the necessary scientific detachment...Of course the fact that Abraham Sand has mysteriously disappeared currently makes his opinion of Rebekah far less importance than Luciens own...

Having recently decided that there is little improvement left to make Magos Baptiste has began to use the knowledge gained to make other constructs based on 87's basic template. Though none are yet to reach the potency of Luciens most successful design they are still significantly deadly in their own right...

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