Jerra Gallatia - Medic

Jerra Gallatia 

Underworld Medic.

Criminal Record - Extortion, Medical malpractice, Possession of a substance prohibited by Imperial law with intent to distribute - Subject sentenced to life imprisonment in an Imperial mining facility.

*Sentence commuted by Inquisitorial authority - Subject transferred to the custody of Justicar Baptiste*

WS 45, BS 35, S 30, T 39, Ag 39, Int 60, Per 45, WP 40, Fel 50

Skin - Tan, Hair - Black, Eyes - Blue, Size - Fit, Age - 32

Wounds - 12
Fate - 2

Skills - Awareness +20, Barter +20, Blather +20, Carouse, Charm +20, Chem Use +20, Common Lore (Administratum, Imperium, Underworld +20), Deceive +20, Dodge, Forbidden Lore (Cults, Heresy, Mutants, Psykers, Xenos), Gamble, Inquiry, Literacy +10, Medicae +20, Scholastic Lore (Beasts, Bureaucracy, Chymistry +20, Occult), Scrutiny +20, Search, Secret Tongue (Gutter), Sleight of Hand, Speak Language (High Gothic, Hive Dialect, Low Gothic), Talented (Chem Use, Chymistry, Medicae), Tech-Use, Trade (Apothecary +20, Cook).

Talents - Autosanguine, Basic Weapon Training (Las, Primitive, Solid Projectile), Catfall, Crippling Strike, Decadence, Good Reputation (Underworld), Hard Target, Hardy, Heightened Senses (Sight, Touch), Jaded, Leap Up, Light Sleeper, Master Chirurgeon, Nerves of Steel, Paranoia, Peer (Hivers, Underworld, Workers), Pistol Training (Las, Primitive, Solid Projectile), Precise Blow, Quick Draw, Resistance (Cold, Heat, Fear, Poisons), Step Aside, Street Fighting, Sure Strike, Swift Attack, Thrown Weapon Training (Primitive),

Bionics and Implants - Chem Gland (De-Tox, Panimune, Stimm), Inhibitor Implant*.

Weapons - Best Craftsmanship Autopistol + 3 Spare Clips of Manstopper Rounds, Chain Knife, Scalpel x3 (Count as Mono Knives), Stub Revolver + 12 Spare Manstopper Rounds, Throwing Knives x2.

Armour - Best Quality Xeno Mesh (AP5, Arms, Body, Legs).

Gear - Auspex, Backpack, Charm (Mothers Locket), Chrono, Excruciator Kit, Filtration Plugs, Glow Globe, Injector (De-Tox, Frenzon, Ghostfire Extract, Panimune, Slaught, Somnia, Spook, Stimm), Knuckleduster x2, Medi-Kit x3, Re-Breather, Respirator, Salvation Auger, Vox Micro-Bead.

* Inhibitor Implant - Believed to be an invention of Lucien Baptiste the infamous acolyte of Inquisitor Crow after extensive experimentation on a number of subjects apparently as a way of ensuring loyalty in his engineering staff. Implanted at the base of the victims skull, invasive neural coils burrow their way both downwards into the spinal column and upwards into the brain where they permanently link with vital parts of the cerebellum where they then impose a number of behavioural controls to a predetermined template.

The recipient gains both the Chem Geld and Orthoproxy Talents. In addition the bearer must make a Willpower test at Hellish difficulty (-60) in order to disobey any direct order given by the specific person determined at the implants creation or to act against what they perceive to be their wishes. Preprogrammed visual data, voice patterns, scent type and key phrases make impersonating the key person extremely difficult but not impossible.

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