Borgia Malicant - Heretek Tech Priest

Borgia Malicant 
Heretek Savant

Criminal Record - Research into 'Black' technologies, Tech Heresy - Subject sentenced to death, disappeared on route to Appon system, reacquired by Acolytes of Lord Inquisitor Wroth.

*Sentence commuted by Inquisitorial authority - Subject transferred to the custody of Magos Baptiste for continued interrogation before reassessment of sentencing*

WS 32, BS 38, S 40, T 45, Ag 31, Int 53, Per 49, WP 50, Fel 26, Wounds 15, Fate 2

Skin - Fair, Hair - Black, Eyes - Brown, Size - Svelte, Age - Indeterminate.

Skills - Awareness +20, Common Lore (Administratum, Tech +20, Machine Cult +20, War), Deceive, Evaluate +10, Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus +20, Archeotech +20, Xenos +20), Inquiry, Literacy, Logic +20, Pilot (Civilian Craft), Scholastic Lore (Archaic), Secret Tongue (Tech +20), Security +10, Speak Language (High Gothic, Low Gothic), Tech-Use +20, Trade (Armourer, Copyist, Prospector, Shipwright, Technomat +20).

Talents - Autosanguine, Basic Weapon Training (Las), Dark Soul,  Electrical Succour, Energy Cache, Feedback Screech, Ferric Lure, Ferric Summons, Foresight, Gun Blessing, Luminen Blast, Luminen Charge, Luminen Shock, Maglev Grace, Maglev Transcendence, Melee Weapon Training (Power, Primitive), Pistol Training (Las), Prosanguine, Sound Constitution (3), Technical Knock, Total Recall.

Traits - Credo Omnissiah, Fit for Purpose, Mechanicum Implants, Stranger to the Cult. 

Bionics - Best Craftsmanship Bionic Arm (Left), Best Craftsmanship Bionic Eye (Dark Sight, Infra-Red, Telescopic Sight), Inhibitor Implant*
Equipment - Auspex, Combi-Tool, Glow Lamp, Data Slate (Encrypted), Mechanicus Robes and Vestments (Good Quality), Multi-Key, Spare Parts (Various), Tool Kit, 3 Vials of Sacred Machine Oil.
Weaponry -  Best Craftsmanship Omnissiah Axe, Las Carbine + 2 Charge Packs, Las Pistol + 2 Charge Packs.
Armour - Armoured Robe (AP4 all locations except head)

* Inhibitor Implant - Believed to be an invention of Lucien Baptiste the infamous acolyte of Inquisitor Crow after extensive experimentation on a number of subjects apparently as a way of ensuring loyalty in his engineering staff. Implanted at the base of the victims skull, invasive neural coils burrow their way both downwards into the spinal column and upwards into the brain where they permanently link with vital parts of the cerebellum where they then impose a number of behavioural controls to a predetermined template.

The recipient gains both the Chem Geld and Orthoproxy Talents. In addition the bearer must make a Willpower test at Hellish difficulty (-60) in order to disobey any direct order given by the specific person determined at the implants creation or to act against what they perceive to be their wishes. Preprogrammed visual data, voice patterns, scent type and key phrases make impersonating the key person extremely difficult but not impossible.

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