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From Luciens files - File 278459/912 - Contact List - Jarrion Holt
Major smuggler, supplies to most of the minor gun-runners, drug dealers and cold traders in the sector. Supplies to a scintillian gun-runner called Faydra Mord who Lyra is acquainted with. Faydra has spoken of Jarrion as being trustworthy (in as far as he keeps his agreements that is) though he's somewhat of a hedonist. Zee and 'modesty' have apparently dealt with him as well and confirmed the 'hedonist' assessment. Location of his wife and daughter in attached file - 278459/913 and security information on how to access his home estate undetected - 278459/914. Willing to transport 'exotic' items for a sufficient price and doesn't ask any questions at all.

Given their escape vessels lack of Warp cabability, travel to the location that Lyra has specified as a possible base for the smuggler Jarrion Holt has taken several months. During the journey Jerra has treated all the teams wounds and injuries and unlike Lucien actually seems to care about the quality of her work and bothers with the sort of tissue regeneration that he never concerned himself with. Having little else to occupy her time she has fastidiously retreated all their old wounds, broken and reset misaligned bones and generally restored them all to somewhere near your peaks in both health and appearance.Once the basic checks of the ship have been completed the Tech Priest Borgia is similarly overburdened with spare time so has serviced all their weaponry and armour.

Unfortunately the need to ration food supplies has resulted in most of the team being hungry most of the time and some tempers are beginning to fray.

Their pilot 'Zee' calls over the ships vox that they're approaching the specified co-ordinates and that every-one should secure themselves as the ride may get a bit bumpy...Several minutes into the journey the vox activates again "Interrogator Tevet, we could do with some help at the navigation console if any-ones qualified to do so..."

Xanthis volunteers to help out

He notes that though Zee and Modesty are highly skilled pilots, they are reacting to each moment of danger without planning what position that reaction will put them in. By calculating the relative position of each asteroid and it's path he plans a more optimum route that will be more efficient and the ship is successfully navigated to a relatively stable part of the field in which can be seen a serviceable if somewhat ramshackle space station with a cruiser class vessel docked on it.

Several small fighters emerge from the station and head in their ships direction before they're Voxed y the incoming fighters "Identify yourself or be fired upon" After some brief introductions from Lyra they are escorted to a large loading bay where after landing they are greeted by a short, fat, balding gentleman with an escort of 30 or so guards armed with a variety of low penetration weapons of the sort you'd expect to be carried by naval personnel. After further introductions are made Jarrion Holt states that he wants 10,000 Gelt to transport them and their vessel to the Magnolia system, though he will refuel your vessel and stock up your supplies as part of the price. Lyra manages to trade all the agents excess weapons and equipment and that combined with a lot of charm and a few threats manages to reduce the price considerably. Kallos tells her that he'll reimburse her from funds later...probably...

The journey is uneventful and the team all have plenty of opportunities to relax, train and generally try to prepare themselves to discover if the attempt on their lives and the trouble on Magnolia are part of some grand conspiracy or simply an unusual coincidence. Jarrion disembarks the ship from the cruisers loading bay just outside of the systems monitoring stations in order to avoid having to answer any difficult questions from the local authorities.

The onboard vox network activates "Interrogator? we're being hailed by the orbital defense station...they require our identities and wish to know our purpose in the system..."

Interrogator Tevet identifies himself and his team and they are met on the planet by the Governors Liason, Quint Caridon and his apparently useless but attractive assistant Rhia.

They direct the agents to the main Administratum building where the chief Adept Constantine Barbosa apparently compiles every bit of information that it's possible to collate on the planet...perhaps some clue can be found amongst the files he's compiled.....

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