Monday, 20 February 2012

Kaelor - Part 1

Not much to say, after learning the state of the planet the acolytes were sent to investigate and estate and then defend the planet from Eldar. The mission had to change last minute, but the craft world lingers in the sector, and the mystery of the governor continues. The new party member Sister Athena Octavia was however killed by a mandrake.

Atellus "The Boy" Grendel - 200 Xp
Kallos "Shiv" Tevet - 300 Xp

Lucien 'The Hound' Baptiste - 200 Xp
Lyra "Cat" Devi - 200 Xp

Mann "Lee" Standing - 200 Xp

Silon "Blade" Zane - 300 Xp, + 1 wound

Sister Athena Octavia - 0 Xp (Dead)


  1. Just a couple of things
    Sorry for Saturday lads, bad new sunk in ... Tom knows what was up

    What did I miss?

    Apart from our new, and now late, Battle Sisters death...
    Does Snaz wanna aim for an Oscar in over the top deaths?
    Well stupid deaths at least?
    So what happened to Sister Athena Octavia?

    1. 1) swept under the rug no worries

      2) literally what it says in your front silon took a shit ton of drugs and became a god! Nathan spent a bonus 500 xp for you on combat feats, so now you will be given more drugs by sand snd are more combat capable. will work toward a eversor contract for you.

      3)Mandrake was hard to hit and people were out of range i tried to not kill him but role-playing as a mandrake i picked on the weakend member near some shadows.

    2. To be fair, Athena probably would have survived if she'd have shot the mandrake with her Boltgun rather than trying to bash it's skull in with it.....

    3. I thought she was killed by a Howling Banshee not the Mandrake

    4. Silon was the one fighting the Howling Banshee.

  2. lmfao i forgot about that, I think I was stress drinking by then. 6 months of Gming have driven me mad.