Saturday, 21 January 2012

Game Changer

So my first out of character post in a while mainly just to talk about an idea I'll be trying in this weeks session. As this posts, the players will be coming face to face with Lucius Ghast, their Arch nemesis for the rest of the campaign.
Instead of a normal NPC controlled by me we have a guest player exclusively using the evil forces. This hopefully means the group will have a more dynamic enemy than me as I like to keep players alive. Obviously this increases the work load for me some what balancing two sides and trying to keep a story flowing but i'm hoping it makes the whole experience more cinematic.

Nathan (Inquisitor Ghast) will be given a team of acolytes including a blast from out Death Watch past, a few lowly henchmen and a base. His only instuction to keep certain secrets hidden and keep Ghast alive.

Well hopefully post later on and you'll see how it went.

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