Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Faalen Shyhawk & "The Hubris of Man"

I want these minis

So Heresy has a lot of looting and selling, that simply aren't in Deathwatch, so I wanted an easy way for all this to happen so as to not remove from the role play. 

 About the same point I began writing the campaign I also decided I wanted a home base for the team. So I thought of an apartment, or Hereticus watch station, then in the end decided that Wroth is a mobile active inquisitor with missions all over the sector, so his acolytes and followers need to be the same. Around this time I also began to read Eisenhorn again and semi stole an idea. Enter Faalen Shyhawk.

Yes he looks like Percy.

The group are recruited by Faalen Shyhawk before they meet Crow or Wroth, a flamboyant and extravagant Rogue Trader, the captain of the "Hubris of Man".

Using a few of the rules from Firefly for ship design and a little 40k fluff for scale.


  1. "he looks like a pussy"

    Yes i suppose he does but dont take it out on him...

  2. How's this 'easy way' of looting going to work then?

  3. Well at least he looks like the sort of guy who'd have a well stocked drinks cabinet.

  4. questions, questions

    all in due time :P (basically he will fence stuff for you)

  5. Will we still be able to raid his drinks cabinet WHILE he's fencing stuff for us? ;-)